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Amor por Viajar – My Travel Story 1

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.’ – Lao Tzu

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” – Buddha

I consider myself a traveler, and not a tourist. I am not a backpacker either. I am  wanderlust and hence the first part of the title of the blog. I travel to experience my myself and to truly understand what am I. Later on that part, which itself will become a blog post someday. As of now, I am starting this series to chronicle my travels. Good writing for me and hopefully happy reading for you.

I travel to various places including to my office. And my first story will be on ‘travelling to office’. I have come to a conclusion that the only thing I like about working is travelling to my office. My office is in Connaught Place (CP), Delhi. It is one of best places in the Delhi and one of the costliest places in world. It is built-in form of two concentric circles and houses buildings in old Georgian-style. From vintage to quirky to modern to contemporary, one can find anything and everything here. All information is available at various blogs and travel sites, and of course, at Wikipedia.

Now, CP is very well-connected by all modes of transport – metro, bus, cabs, & autos. But I like to travel by metro and especially, the Airport Express Metro. This airport metro route covers only 5 stations and is expensive than the normal metro routes. I spend close to INR 300 door-to-door while travelling to and fro between home and office. Yet I love to travel on this metro only. This metro route is unusually quieter than other metro routes. It is as if people want to ponder over their thoughts and feelings. As if this metro route gives the sacred peace that everyone craves for themselves. Some sleep, some read, some just think, some just look at others while travelling in the metro train. I do all of them, not necessarily in any order.

Unlike in trains on other metro routes, people on this metro route don’t like to waste time in getting into nasty fights for seat since travel time is very short. So when people are not pushed to survive, they are in touch with their mind, heart, and soul. Of course, the inner nature of being animal comes forth when one steps into his/her office. And yet, this metro route calms the most angered animal as well.

I see a lot of people who work at different government, public, and private firms. I see people dressed differently than each other. Not all of them wear business suits or going to business meets. But sometimes I feel the way they dress reflects the kind of emotional state they are in at their office. The dress is still appropriate for their office but yet somehow the emotional state makes them choose a different dress for same office. It is definitely hard to guess what’s their emotional state is since people are just quite. Sometimes I see same people at same time every day. Sometimes I see new faces. I always wonder where are the new faces going to?

I  get down at Shivaji Stadium metro station. This metro station is why I like my office location. There is music playing in the station. Everyday there is a different song, sometimes in different languages, or different instrumental music. Some times there are jingles or small radio skits about various government programs. Every one is in rush to get out of the station and reach office and still somehow the music is caught by the ears. I never asked about the music but I feel the music has been an intentional attempt at making the experience worthwhile,just like at airport.

The station has co-working space, eateries, and visa offices. Hence, the station is always sprawling with loads of people during mornings. I keep wondering where do these people go – which far off places are they travelling to or visiting to? are they going for business or meeting family & friends or just going on holiday? And I wish them luck. The station every day and every time reminds me of the airport, which I am so fond of, and to which the Airport Express Metro is connected with. The station itself and travelling to the station are my only two things that I am so happy about in my otherwise mundane office life.