Lavanya Opines

I dont like

Upon introspecting myself, which I do when I don’t want to do anything constructive and just let the time flow by, I got to know that I don’t like many things. And the first thing that came to my mind was bitter-gourd. I hate bitter-gourd. So from now on, I take an oath that whatever things, people or for that matter “anything under the sun” that I don’t like, I will put a statement “You are a bitter gourd. And I hate bitter gourd”


Embarrassments: I have half of my life full of embarrassing situations. And it seems I don’t forget them. They have a particular sense of knowing when I am in very good mood and like a flash they come before me. At that time, when I did those things, said some things, they were a direct result of an impulsive behavior of an emotional and a naïve girl. But now, as I am growing up I see them as embarrassing moments rather than mistakes. These flashes make me feel dirty about myself. I might have embarrassed somebody, might have hurt somebody. Worse, I might have made someone weep because of me. Oh, such a shame!

Not taking time to write: I have so many things going around. I have many thoughts for each of the things around me. So much is happening. And yet I am not able to write and paint my thoughts through written words.


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