Lavanya Opines

Being Lavanya

2010 – Year of Starting this blog

I am not good at speaking out “empathizing about myself” louder but am very good imagining myself as the best. I don’t behave always like that. This is life. A reality show. And I am not prepared except for interviews and meetings.

Being Lavanya is really very tough, complicating and very confusing.
The writings are the wandering thoughts given a face and a body. Evolving and growing. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. Sometimes very beautiful. Sometimes weird. And some other times ugly.
But it’s about me. I love myself.

This blog is about Lavanya loving herself, hating herself, angry with herself.

2018 – Year of Just looking at how far I have come

Lavanya has grown, professionally and personally, and emotionally and mentally. The thoughts are no longer wandering, but definitely still evolving and growing. My interests and passions have grown from reading and writing to photography, travelling, food, theater, arts, and many more. I have found my ‘magic’, my ‘love’, who makes me love myself more and understand myself more.

This blog is still about Lavanya loving herself, hating herself, angry with herself, but with a perspective.