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HR Policies in my Company – Part 2

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HR-with-a-human-voiceContinuing from my earlier post, here I have my broad objectives for creating HR policies in my company. Writing it down, so that my future ‘human resources’ can apprise me if I do not deliver in this part.

For me the best HR policies are the ones that are capable of:

  1. Providing Good Compensation in terms of monetary value, leaves, and work life balance:

We are working to get paid. It’s a myth that people who love doing their job are not interested in money. Honey, there are only few things that money can’t buy. And all work and no play make Jack a ‘robot’. Our forefathers were intelligent enough to introduce ‘festivals’ in our social fabric to ensure humans interact with each other and bring one close to families, friends, and near and dear one. Some visionary must have thought of the same and introduced ‘leaves’.

Nothing will motivate an employee as a good compensation and good number of leaves to include sick leaves, paid leaves, casual leaves, and gazetted or government holidays.

Work-life balance is a new age term and gels well with modern thinking. We work to earn so that we can lead a better life. What’s the point in earning lacs by slogging day and night, when you only spend the amount on clearing bills and loans and not with your family? Work hours should be defined and followed, and employees should be encouraged to finish work in those hours only. Exceptions are allowed but they should remain exceptions and not become routine.

  1. Establishing Better Environment in terms of transparency, clear communications, defined career and/or promotion path:

We criticize government for not being transparent. The same rule applies to business as well. Each and every process of each and every department should be well documented, followed with transparency. Communications should never be closed and effective communication leads to further transparency. One example could be employee should know the reasons for not being properly appraised or for promoting others instead. Another could be team member knowing the team’s work and team member’s pending work.

If business has not decided on how their employees are going to progress in their career at the company, then the company has failed to visualize their own growth. Like they say fail to plan and you effectively and definitely plan to fail. As much apt for business as for employees.  Regular trainings, be it for soft skills or hard skills, should be provided to employees. Expecting employee to get the training themselves is one part. Motivating employees to get training and providing training is the game changer.

  1. Promulgating Happy Culture:

We spend a good 8-9 waking hours at office. Shouldn’t this place be a happy place where people are willing to come every day to enhance their progress and are motivate to work every day? Happy culture need not only include celebrations of festivals or ‘happy hours’ but an overall environment. Examples could be of allowing employee to decide their work completion pattern within specified timelines and allowing employees to take a break to relax and refresh the ‘hard working mind’.

  1. Creating Leaders:

If we see the present start-up culture in India, we often hear X person working in A capacity with Y company has started this new start-up, A being a high position and Y being a big company. The one thing that immediately comes to my mind is that Y company has groomed X to be a leader in his A capacity, eventually creating a leader to lead a new company.

A business should always strive to groom people for next positions. You cannot just throw people into sea and expect them to learn swimming in seconds.

Lastly, I agree, despite all the above objectives, attrition will be there in such company and people will leave. I think people should not be stuck with a single company for their entire career. Unless they move out and experience different things, how can they appreciate the good things provided by the company or how can they come forward to put forth their criticism. Moreover, such movement will help people in gaining experiences, which will eventually help them in their personal and professional life. So, my objective would be to allow people to move as they are best judge for themselves and equally allow them to re-join. At least, people would not leave with bitter feelings. And, yes, they would be encouraged to provide honest answers, without the fear of jeopardizing their future with new company or with old company.

And I would not have anarchic practices at my company that are still being followed even by some big companies. Liz Ryan has done a terrific job by providing us with these anarchic practices. Check out

I would like to thank Agilent for giving me an opportunity to work with them and experiencing the best HR policy in my first job. I would also like to thank Tata Sons for rolling out the amazing policies. I wold also thank the websites of Google, BCG, Bain and other big MNC for providing me a glimpse of their work environment. You have shaped my thinking and these objectives are an outcome of the best practices you follow.

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