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Tanishq Niloufer Collection – Missed a Beat or Beat too hard??

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nilouferI am huge admirer of Lowe Lintas and have great affection for all ads they create for Tanishq. The ads and the concepts are so beautiful and strong just the like the women on whom the ads are filmed. Be it about the second marriage of loving mother or about the social and independent life of modern woman. No ad portrays the strong yet subtle, fiercely independent and yet humble, grounded woman oozing loads of confidence and glowing from within as Tanishq’s. It seems as if every woman is apt for theme because I think, may be the woman has such strong and beautiful character which fits perfectly with the theme. And every theme they select is tribute to modern woman who has like phoenix broken all stupid shackles of society. I particularly like the ad for Zuhur collection. It reminds me of the time I spend with my girl friends (specifically my soul sister). The ads with Deepika as protagonist are my favorite too. One another reason being Deepika is my favorite actress. The ads makes sure that jewelry is not just to enhance woman’s beauty but to compliment her independence, strength, and identity.

niloufer 2But I think with Niloufer collection, either something was amiss or something was told which pointed to the same old stereotypical that we, modern woman, wants to break-free from. The ad begins with a woman entrepreneur getting ready for an event where she will be given an award for ‘young entrepreneur’ and her acceptance speech is playing in her mind. She dresses up elegantly and Niloufer collection compliments her beauty and reflects her strength and hard work. So far the best. I get put off when I listen to the speech. Why is saying sorry? And what is she asking sorry for? If the ad is about portraying and acknowledging ‘start-up’ culture in India, then ‘sorry’ is the last word I want to hear. No founder of a startup can survive by saying ‘sorry’ forever but by standing up and defending his/her beliefs and values. I would rather begin by acknowledging the various people who have had faith in my idea and trusted my vision and put in equal amounts of hard work. In the speech, the woman says ‘sorry sir…we cant reduce the cost’.  Why are you apologizing lady for standing on your ground? You would have put the quotes taking into consideration a lot of factors. So have you committed a mistake by not reducing the price?

On the other hand, if the ad is about women being increasingly foraying into ‘start-up’ culture in India, then the entire theme has lost and yes, again, ‘sorry’ is the last word I want to hear. Women entrepreneurship is not new in India. So for me, creating a hype about women just now getting into start-ups is bit too much to digest. Of course, I agree they might not be in huge number as the male counterparts but frankly are we even consciously looking and searching for such women just like we do for men. My answer would be no. In the speech, the woman apologies to family, friends, relatives, and maid too. Again, Why are you apologizing? For not being able to take time for them? Please, give me a break. You should be expressing your gratitude that all of them have come together and supported you so that you can turn your vision into realty. Have you even seen or heard a man apologizing like this to anybody in such circumstances. No. He will accept you sacrificed a lot for his venture because you believed in him  and therefore he is very much grateful to you. Why cant you think in the same lines woman? Woman, our ancestors (including men and women) and mothers and sisters have fought so hard and worked so hard and stood their ground so that you don’t have to say sorry for your success. Please do not belittle them by apologizing to everybody.

Apart from this, the Niloufer collection is superb, fabulous, and lovable. Each piece is testament to woman’s strength, independence, and grace and all the wins she has got in her endeavor. The ‘lotus’ theme has been aptly carved out in each piece. They definitely seem like floating lotus flowers. I love each piece. All I had hoped is that the speech would also have been equally dynamic, strong, and humble rather than apologetic.

P.S.: I am just so mesmerized by this beautiful woman and I could no longer resist putting her picture here.

Photo source: Tanishq Website and Tanishq Twitter account.


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