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Stealing Moments to Make Memories…4 down!!!

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” by Walt Whitman.

In this fast pace world, we all are busy in trying to race ahead of others, thinking about and working towards making a better future, and falsely satisfying ourselves in the race that we will be happy in future. But we fail to realize that time flies and the present is lost in search of better future.

I had this title of the present blog thought a long time ago but I wasn’t able to write anything beyond the first quote. May be it was supposed to be written today. There’s time for everything.

I had finished my fourth book of this year, The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I just picked up this book randomly as the store I usually go didn’t have the new book in Clifton series by Jeffrey Archer. I like the title and more importantly I hadn’t ever read Albom. The book is about three people. One is Father Time who was the first person on earth to try to measure time and was banished by God for trying to measure time. Age would not touch him nor would hunger, thirst, or any pain except for one. The pain of watching others longing for time, the same thing he measured. The pain of listening to every such plea and yet not be able to do anything. His redemption lies with two other persons. Victor, an ageing, wealthy, and self-made business man, suffering from tumors in kidneys, wants more time to live. Sarah, an intelligent teenager, chubby and therefore non-popular girl in high school, wants to end her life since a high school boy posted nasty comments on Facebook when she expressed her feelings. Father Time’s redemption lies in making these two people realize importance of time and importance of life.

I thought this book will have a simple narration and I could just read the book like I read a magazine. I was in for a surprise. The narration is simple but lucid and engaging. The authour has narrated the stories in a parallel format. The stories converge at the point when Father Time himself realizes the answer to ‘What do you know about time?‘ And makes Sarah and Victor realize ‘There is a reason why God limits the days of man on earth?’. The author says time is not something to give back. One should never be out of hope and one should always strive to make every moment precious. The narration is very lucid and gripping, making the reader root for the  protagonists and at same time feel the same pain and helplessness of Father Time. The narration is like a breeze, light and powerful.

The narration would make any person look at his present situation and realize if he has been able to live the moments. In today’s world, it seems as if even 24 hours are not enough. Our work and our bosses demand most of the 24 hours simply because they are paying us for the time we give them. In this, we loose sight of time we never gave to our interests, passion, loved ones, and to life. We rush and rush to reach office, get the work done, and then to home, and then to again finish work related to home. Add to that lifestyle stress and eating disorders. An ailment now as common as common cold.

Everyone has been given 24 hours. Lot of training and coaching on time management. But no coaching on making time, precious and living life. Let’s live for making the moments precious by loving our loved ones.


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