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Though I completed one in last few days of 2015 but I will count in 2016 since I did not count in 2015. One is considered as master piece and the other is a best seller and a motion picture.

The first one is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. Roger is considered one of the best of Christie. This is my first book of Christie. I picked this book for two reasons: one I wanted to read a classic and two I had nothing else on my mind to read. But I do not regret having picked The Murder. This murder mystery is unlikely any other I have read. I could not fathom the killer till the last chapter. The narrative is from the point of killer and nowhere does you get the feeling that the narrator is in fact the killer. It was baffling and mind-blowing to know that the killer has so innocently been part of the entire investigation by revered detective. And yet, after knowing the killer, it seemed so fair that killer was not even trying to thwart the investigation or looking for ways to protect himself, as if the killer knew he will not be caught at all. A master stroke on part of the author who has cleverly kept herself away from the narration. Interestingly and ironically, it was clear that from the beginning of the murder that the current suspect is not the killer. Despite this fact, the narration held the curiosity as to who the killer is. The curiosity does not end there. The pinnacle of curiosity was attained when after being confronted by the detective, the killer took his own life. May be he got away from judicial punishment but he definitely got punished by his own guilt conscious. One word for the author and book. Awesome.

The second book is I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (the pseudonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes). The book is sci-fi and is categorized under young adults fiction. My first book in this category and I am not a huge fan of the same. Ironically, I didn’t know the same until I was in middle of the same and I had to finish the book. Interestingly, it seemed that I was the last one to know even the existence of the book as all guys in my team were aware of either the book or the film. Nevertheless, I read the book and found interesting. But there were some instances where I felt as the plot is being dragged or becoming more melodramatic. I am not used to either of them. Some amount of curiosity and some description of action is necessary, but there lies a fine line between how much is too much and how much is just enough. In other instances, I felt the emotions which every teenager feels when life throws unexpected questions towards. I guess that is same with every individual. Even when we are adults, we sometimes cannot control our emotions when faced with unknown questions. But we don’t show often since ‘we are grown ups’. If not anything, then this book made me realize that no matter how much we have grown up or how we have experienced life, life will always remain the quiz master and will thrown unexpected and unknown questions at us. We have, but little choice, to answer them. Choice is not whether we answer it or not. But choice is whether we will face the next question in regret or not.


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