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Ah! my first post of the year, a tad bit too many of my fellow bloggers are writing every day or at least every week. And here I am. Starting with my first blog of the year. So many things are on my mind and I want to achieve heights of success. But I need a focused mind of William Kane and perseverance and deterministic approach of Abel Rosnovski. Not the first book I read in this year but definitely the first book I am writing about.

Kane and Abel needs no introduction not just for the book is at number 96 on the BBC’ survey of The Big Read (source Wikipedia), but also for being a book often mentioned when one asks have you read ‘Jeffery Archer’. I would limit my words for praising this book. The book or rather the narration and story portrays the contrast between the protagonists life and the similarities between their business acumen in a parallel manner. I found myself rooting for both protagonists when they were faced with difficult situation. And I found myself thinking whom to agree when they both were facing each other. As with all Jeffery Archer novels, the crux of the book lies in how to face challenges of life and how to rise from ashes.

I had earlier read Sons of Fortune, which was on lives of two brothers separated at birth and grow up without knowing existence of each other. I was constantly remembering the Sons of Fortunes as the narration and style are similar in both books, at least to my humble mind.

But the question is why so many people want to read Kane and Abel. May be because it is best seller of all times? Or may be because in each one of us lies an aspiration for being a Willaim Kane? I am little biased towards poor Kane for he was born with a silver spoon. Still I want to be a Willaim Kane who reached his pinnacle of success as Chairman of Lester’s Bank on his merit and not because of his birth right; who had the courage of backing talent and courage of keeping traditions – of not letting person know who his benefactor is come what may. Or may be because in each who has the perseverance of Abel Rosnovski? Abel overcame all challenges only because of his perseverance and determination, and a mantra that ‘only education can make you successful’.



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