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Tick tock … Rama Murty..!!!

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Rama Murty is walking in a shadowy alley. The alley was dimly lit and dark. It was cool. But it felt like death calmness and cold, as if something has happened and something is about to happen the next very moment. He sees strange faces staring at him very strangely. Rama Murty was unable either to understand the strange expression or to decipher the reason behind the same. There is silence even though so many strange faces are passing by. Yet, Rama Murty hears so much of chaos. Silent chaos. He doesn’t understand if the chaos is within him or is emanating from inside the strange faces. Nevertheless he keeps walking. Suddenly he hears his name as if someone is calling him from behind. “Raama Mooortiiie”, as if someone is singing his name. The vice is sweet and for a moment he feels relief. But then a thought crosses his mind. Nobody calls him like this. Nobody has called him like that ever. His heart pounds.

The voice grows closer. The sweetness in the voice is still there but something has changed. Then he hears “Tick tock Rama Murty. Tick tock.” No sweetness but an eeriness coupled with a strange hastiness. Again “Tick tock Rama Murty. Tick tock..Tick tock.. Tick tock…Rama.. Tick Tock.” As the voices comes closer, the hastiness increases, Rama Murty began walking faster so does his heart..thumping faster. Blood is rushing to Rama’s face.

Suddenly a gentle touch on Rama’s shoulder. In a split second, touch changes into poking but is still gentle. And the voice again says “Tick tock Rama Murty. Tick tock.” Rama Murty can hear his own breath which has now started coming from his mouth. He has only been walking faster but heart is pounding as if he has been running as fast as he could to save his life. The gentle poking has now been replaced with intense poking. Rama Murty feels something is pricking into his shoulder. He still does not dare to look back. Suddenly, a different voice growls “Rama Murty”. The voice thunders in the eerily silent shadowy alley. The pocking is replaced by shaking. With a pounding heart, Rama Murty turns around and sees Mr. Aiyyar..!!!! His manager.!!!!

Rama Murty opens his eyes to see him standing at his desk, in his bay, and is shouting at him. In his office, in broad daylight, and in front of so many people. So many strange faces. Something falls somewhere and finally Rama Murty is awaken from his slumber.

The power nap in office has brought his fears to forefront.

(C) Lavanya, 2015


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