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My journey to office – III


I go by metro to my office. As I was walking across the pavement, I realized there are so many nice and interesting things that could make our city a city of international standards.

1. Metro: Metro itself is an international thing and the officials have worked and are working hard to maintain the high standards. From the moment I step into the metro station to the moment i step out, it reminds me of the so many international movies and TV shows which show people travelling through London tubes or trams. It’s so amazing. Office folk enjoying their moments of solitude, couples enjoying their togetherness, and groups enjoying their leisure. Occasionally, I see creative people whom I admire and aspire to be included in their list. Musicians with their guitars, photographers with their DSLR cameras, and architects with their big boards. The only difference I can think of is color. Indians love their colors, including me. I see different people wearing different colors. On the other hand, to the extent I have seen in movies n TV shows, people wear shades of grey and black.

2. Shops: Oh, I love shopping and window shopping. Shopping is like a spa therapy, soothing and relaxing.The shops that are present in metro stations offer a variety of things which soothes me. I buy a lot of stuff from these shops like handbags, books, accessories, and other cosmetics. They are reasonable too. You can just do window shopping while heading back home. This will calm you down from the days’  work. You can do shopping on your way home and save time for things you know are necessary and don’t want to wait for home delivery. πŸ™‚

3. Eateries: Hungry? Grab a bite before you board. But I feel they charge a bit higher than what you get outside metro station. But nothing comes into mind if you are hungry. πŸ™‚

4. Subway: Only one subway connects my office and the metro station. Walking to my office from the station through the subway is amazing.

5. All the way: The way to my office from the metro station includes a lot of buildings. A major portion is of the entire way is therefore covered and protects me from the scorching heat. πŸ™‚

There is something amazing about this journey. Often people are hurrying to their destinations. But I prefer walking slowly and watching and enjoying everything I come across. I don’t feel the need to hurry since: (1) if you are late, then you are late. You will be scolded, if at all, anyway even if you reach 10 minutes late. So just relax and go slow. You will be more productive; (2) you are going to a place where you go everyday. At least enjoy the journey and road. There is life on the road too; (3) Listening to the hustle bustle outside and to various thoughts inside me, prioritize how the day is going to be or plan for things you want to do for yourself or just think about yourself. This time and place is yours and yours only. Use it for yourself only.

The only problem I see are beggars and soil and litter. We can’t help soil and dirt precisely because we are a hot and dry country. But even Dubai is. If only political will is strong, then all three problems would be washed away. And we will be on a way for world-class city. πŸ™‚


Author: Lavanya

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2 thoughts on “My journey to office – III

  1. A woman after my own heart. Stop, take in the moments, watch life as well as living it. You are right, when you physically travel, your mind can enjoy a different journey, a more enjoyable journey. Use your senses to make sense out of everything you encounter. Embrace the air, the stories of the people around you, the smells (good and bad). Listen to music, put your hand on your chest and just touch your heartbeat. It’s all present, so take it all in before it’s the past. Good read….

  2. Dear Lavanya it’s a pleasure reading….Really most of us have forgotten to stop and look around in the hutle bustle of life…Small things can create wonder…Best wishes..hope to cross each other many more times..

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