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7 down…7 more to go..!!



OK. I finally finished reading ‘The Cuckoos Calling’. I am not sure why even I picked this book in the first place. I am definitely a fan of ‘Harry Potter’ – the movie – series. But I am not sure I would have loved to read the ‘Harry Potter’ – the book – series.

First the bibliographic details. The book is written by JK Rowling writing under a pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. My understanding is JK Rowling wants to move into other genre of writing and distinguish herself. Quite interesting is her choice for debuting into other genres – thriller and suspense. But when you are ardent fans of John Gresham, Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, Jeffery Archer,- you can’t be tied down and expected to read slow-paced and enormous descriptions of feelings and buildings and people. And that is what exactly is Cuckoos Calling.

(1) Slow-paced: From the first chapter till the last chapter. The story unfolds and gets narrated at such a slow pace that left me frustrated. You are turning pages and yet you don’t reach anywhere.

(2) Enormous descriptions: Practically humongous descriptions of feelings, of people, of buildings, of places, of everything. Agreed, context is necessary. Yes, description is necessary. To provide a picture. Not to make a picture. I would have preferred a shortened description which is clear, concise, and drives the point just like a nail into the wall. Remember this is thriller. We need to be on edge every time. But this book just gives pit stops for me to pause the reading and do something else.

(3) Loose plot: Thrillers are expected to have twists from the moment the hero makes an entry. Many twists. That is what makes the thrillers pacy and edgy. This book has only one twist, if at all, it be called so. Yes, I was unaware of the killer till the last time. But I knew there are only 2 suspects. None of the other characters had any motive or reason.

I just finished this book because I had to finish a book in this month. I am sure JK Rowling would have done an exceptional work with ‘Harry Potter’ – the book – series. But this book is not what I would have expected from her.

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  1. hey lavanya I have nominated u for both versatile and creative blogger awards. For details visit my recent post.

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