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Zinaid and Zinaida – Conversation 1

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Zinaid saw her again on metro and as always he just kept looking at her for a while. Without blinking. Without talking. And certainly with a mind which is like a clear notebook waiting to be written. The ‘while’ lasted a bit little longer, as Zinaid pondered afterwards.

Zinaida was at the time looking out of the window watching the lot many things left behind by the forward moving metro. Her mind was going through a lot of things, like a person shuffling through various files and cabinets to find a missing piece of information that would shed some light on current case. Her heart though was calm and stable like a saint who has accepted the outcome long overdue. Her eyes were mirroring the battle between the mind and the heart, if only one could see. Zinaid saw. Zinaid understood. Zinaid knew what to say to her.

Zinaid: hi

Zinaida: hi ūüôā

Zinaid: hows ur boyfriend?

Zinaida: we parted ways.

Zinaid: you broke up?

Zinaida: no.. We parted ways.

Zinaid: wats the difference?

Zinaida: we parted ways as our hearts were not together anymore.

Zinaid: you fought over something?

Zinaida: no..we were not fighting over anything..just our¬†hearts said they are not feeling the love anymore…what matters is heart..

Zinaid: then why do you use ‘we’ and ‘our’?

Zinaida was silent for some moments, which seemed many and non ending. Then Zinaida said ‘I¬†parted ways with him as my heart was not feeling any more love. What matters is heart’.

Zinaid’s heart smiled.¬†Zinaida’s eyes smiled.

He was happy for he made her happy. She was happy for he made her find the missing piece of information.

Zinaida and Zinaid smiled and parted ways for they reached their destinations. But they parted with happiness which filled the mind and the soul.


(C) 2015


Author: Lavanya

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