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4, 5, & 6 down…8 more to go..!!!

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Yuppiess..:)…5 months are not yet complete and I have finished 6 books. I am so happy. I finished The Last Man by Vince Flynn, The Sari Shop Widow by Shobhan Bantwal, and The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian. And I am on to reading The Cuckoo’s Calling by J. K. Rowling, published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. I am not happy reading the Cuckoo’s but I have to finish it anyway.

Vince Flynn is the new writer I tried in fiction/thriller. I heard in an interview of a political bigwig that he was into reading fiction/thriller unlike his peers and he was currently reading The Last Man. Intrigued, I ordered this book. And yes, I am in love with Vince Flynn. Pacy and thrilling to the my utmost delight. After a long time I have read a such a thriller. From chapter 1, the book kept me hooked. I was looking forward to my to-and-fro metro journeys only to finish the book. I guess, Vince Flynn is my new favorite in fiction/thriller after John Grisham and David Baldacci. I have nothing much of review to give for this book since this book is like ‘Bourne’ movie. You read it, you experience it, and you know it how much thrilled I was reading this book.

The Sari Shop Widow was a conscious accident. I finished The Last Man the night before and I was wondering which one to pick up. So I started to browse books in a shop at the metro station. I had never read a book written with a female lead and that too by a female author. Also, this book had Indian names and Indian-ness was written all over it though the setting was in New Jersey. Since I was on a high after reading Jo Baker and I needed a different book to read after a thriller, I decided to give it a try. The chapter 1 didn’t excite me that much. But as I went by, I gradually realized how much I could relate to the book, the character, and the emotions once goes through. The book was written plainly with no twists and turns, in a good way. It was as if you are looking at a beautiful garden while you are passing by. Anjali Kapadia, the widow, was an interesting mix of different cultures. Something, a girl like me, would easily connect with. She had withstood life’s hardships by immersing herself in shaping her dream boutique ‘Silk and Sapphires’. This shows no matter what the life throws one should find ways to face them boldly. I could also relate to her when she was struggling emotionally either for having sex casually or with someone she loved. No matter where we live, sometimes we girls attach so much emotion with sex because for us sex is not just physical but emotional too. In comes, Rishi Shah. A dream man of every gal. Mature and handsome, successful and humble. He has solutions to all problems that his lady-love will pose when he will propose her. Just like my man. 🙂 All in all, I am glad I picked this one to read even though it was by accident, a conscious and a happy one. :). Shobhana has done a good job and I think I will read more like her.

But I felt in both the books, the ending could have been little more interesting. May be this was just a feeling as I loved the books and did not want to end reading them.

The Bankster. I picked this book as I wanted to read Ravi Subramnian. The book highlighted all the corporate bad things and political motives to get money at any cost. I felt uneasy. I am not used to such ‘bad things’. Reading them sent a shiver down my body. If I divide the book in two parts, the first part was all about the ‘bad things’. The second part was about the investigation. As predicted, this part got me interesting. I was glad I could finish this book. The writer is heralded as ‘John Grisham of Banking’. I can say that only after reading his other books.

Hopefully, I at least complete my one goal of reading books. 🙂

Happy Reading. 🙂


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