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My office journey -II


I am without a book today. My purse feels light. My mind is wandering. And my ears are doing overtime by listening to every gossip and every song. I have been looking for a book to read and therefore I am making all attempts at knowing which book will entice me. I have signed up on Goodreads and started following many blogs. Though I have finalised my next two books but I need to find more books to read if I am to finish 13 books this year. 🙂

My mind is a vile creature as i have already stated before and I have come to a conclusion that I can control it by keeping it busy at task. (I guess it’s the same with everyone:p).

I see the travel time is a time to invest properly. I am now seeing regular people and regular issues and regular gossip. And regular fights. I get into ladies coach in the metro and I have come to believe the ladies coach is the most funniest and irritating place in the world. Both at same time. The mushy and fiery talks with boyfriends, the spooky and mad talks with girlfriends, and the gossip of old ladies. They are hell irritating. More so because I understand the language. Had I not understood the language, I would have marvelled in observing their behaviour and smile. Those cute smiles, those blushing cheeks while talking to boyfriend. Those angry eyes while fighting with boyfriends. Those weird and funny expressions while talking to girlfriends. And those exaggerated expressions of gossiping ladies. After a point all this gets irritating. The only interesting part about going in a ladies coach then remains getting a chance to see different looks, hairstyles, shoes, sandals, pursues, dresses, and other accessories.

But I am bored of this now. Regular travel to office is definitely to do something interesting like read a book or write your next post. This post is being written while travelling. Wow.:). And if I glance around most of the people, who are not involved in gossiping, either read books or listen to music. The ones who seem to type on mobile are mostly chatting. I feel as if this a better idea to spend time to write my blog posts as I also have to meet the target of writing at least one blog post a week.

Hopefully I meet my personal goals and tick off some of the things from my bucket list. 🙂


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11 thoughts on “My office journey -II

  1. Read is an escape into the ideas and thoughts of another. It does allow us to focus on the page, while blocking everything out around us. But, what’s around us are people that want to share your life. They want to hear about what your are reading and your thoughts on it. They want make you smile, laugh, engage in life changing discussions. Reading and writing are great things but sharing and connecting are greater. Next time you are commuting without a book, try to have a discussion with a stranger. That discussion may be a great substitute for your books. P.S. Gossip takes two, so you have the ability to make sure the discussion is meaningful.

    • Hey..thank you for the nice words…i certainly want to strike a conversation with a stranger who is reading a book…but nobody looks up..:( fact i laugh when i read and watch up to see if someone wanna just ask me about it..but sadly nobody comes forward…no problems…i will try to see if i can strike a more idea to write about..:)

  2. In my travels, I usually read blog posts. I love my reading time. All the best for your goal “weekly post”.

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