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3 down…10 more to go..

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download1I just finished Longbourn by Jo Baker. And I am feeling so empty now. I haven’t thought that book would finish even before I get a new one. The 80 minutes to and fro ride from office gave me the good window to finish off this book. I am ordering The Last Man by Vince Flynn.

Jo Baker is my third English author after Ken Follet and Jeffery Archer. The book is awesome as you would expect from English author. The plots and the characters are well written. Very detailed. The starting of the plot is bit slow. However, the book picks pace from second page on-wards. The stories of different characters are very well interwoven with each other. The stores of Mrs. Hill, The Bennets, James, Sarah, and Polly were very well written. No wonder the book was national best seller.

But I felt as if the ending was rushed, especially after James leaves Bennet Household. After James leaves, the story about birth of James unfolds. About how he was the love child of Margret, who later becomes Mrs. Hill, and Mr. Bennet. The hardships which James undergoes and why he eventually ends up at Bennet Household. It was connecting all the dots. Each character got its fair share of starting point including the Bennets. The story of how Sarah undergoes emotional turmoil and finally makes a decision to find her true love. But, but, but. The story ended like a single final stroke which just connected all points. It would have been far more lovelier if the story has been ended just like the story progressed. A few more chapters would have definitely worth the grind.  May be this is because the story till Sarah leaves was also supposed to include the Bennets. The story is about the servant’s of the Bennet Household. Their story, their emotions, their emotional turmoil, their hardships, their feelings, all were narrated through their working and interaction with the Bennets. After Sarah leaves, there was nothing more to connect or show the servants’ emotions.

But above all the book is a pleasure to read. I was looking forward to my rides to and from the office just to be able to read the book. I am grateful to my fellow blogger who listed this book. I am glad that I purchased this book and now I own this beautiful book. I actually purchased a hardcover book rather than a paperback. Oh the feeling of this book in my hands is just so simple and delightful.

Happy Reading Fellows.


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