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So what’s going on? Part II


daffyduckI was coming home today and a thought crossed my mind. The day was good until evening; when suddenly everything seemed like lost battle and lost cause. Reason being professional one. But that was not the thought at all. Thought was about how we often say when we come back home from a day’s work and at the end of day we say nothing happened. Everything is usual and routine and normal. Well how can that be? Everyday can’t be same. There is bound to happen something. ‘Cause life is like flowing water. It does not have its own color. It acquires the color of whatever thing comes in contact.

So I started looking around to see what was new while I was coming back. My friend was telling me about the unnecessary lecture he had to bear with. And I was thinking about lost battle. Though it was not actually that bad. I was over-confident about my work yesterday. And today I was brought back to normal state.

Next stop was the metro station. The metro station was not crowded when we reached since we reached after 6.30 PM. But the metro was crowded. I remember the regular faces. But today in morning and evening there were lot of new faces. Lot of new dresses and new bags and new shoes. Even the shop at the metro station has new arrivals. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah. Lot of books. I read mine but somehow my eyes and my mind wander to see who is reading what. Some were reading old favorites – Fifty shades of Grey, Shiva trilogy, and so on. Some were new but I couldn’t get the names. Reason being people caught me in the act – peering into them to know what they were reading in spite of having a book in my hand. My mind is a vile creature. It definitely does not poke into other people’s business but can’t help in poking what they are reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, I was ย in shared auto after getting down from the metro. The breeze was blowing my hair into a lady’s face and I was blissfully unaware of the same. She sweetly gathered all my hair and pushed it to a side. I realized someone was touching my hair and turned to see what was happening. She smiled while she was still pushing my hair. I smiled back and pushed my hair completely to other side. She made little conversation too about how the shared auto delays the journey. I was too tired to reply but I gave her an earnest smile and approved of her statement. The shared auto also has a couple with a baby. Too young to have a baby but such was their choice.

All this seems normal and routine. Would I say all this as new to anyone who called me and asked how was my day? May be yes. Everything of the above statement would have started a new conversation. Some remarks from the other side. Some opinion from the other side. Some laugh from the other side. Something would have been going for as long as the call was on. Wouldn’t it be better rather than saying ‘Nothing much. Same old story’? Wouldn’t it be better to listen to anything rather than having nothing to say? Wouldn’t it be better to say something rather than being silent? Wouldn’t it be better just to have a nonsense and informal and lovely conversation for long rather than having logical and formal and boring conversation for few minutes? than May be. Just may be.

PS. Title was thought after writing the post. I never wrote earlier without a title before. Sometimes I would have a title in mind but not the body. But I always had a title before writing.ย This is new. ๐Ÿ™‚


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3 thoughts on “So what’s going on? Part II

  1. I do the same whenever someone texts me waddup. Nothing is not my type of reply. I come up with something. It’s amazing how you have recollected everything that happened on that particular day ๐Ÿ™‚

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