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So what’s going on? Part I

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images-1So what’s going on with you? Nothing!! All good!! are some typical answers I give. I give these answers to those people who, in my opinion, are not capable of understanding my answers. They are bound by ‘typical life’ and ‘expect typical answers to typical questions’. But I am different. Why am I different? Because everybody is different. Because we are human beings. Because if were to be same, then God would have made us chimpanzees, orangutans, or gorillas. Meant no disrespect and meant no offense. Rather, God chose us to be humans. So I am different. I have different view-point and different interests and different meaning of life.

Now that I have stated I am different, let me see how well I answer to the question ‘So what’s going on with me?’. 🙂

Life’s amazing and wonderful now. Lot of things are happening and lot of things are going on with me. I changed my job and joined a new firm. I took time to adjust. I realized ‘change is not something that human mind can accept initially and easily’. (That ones my original..!!!) Now after one and half months, I feel I am adjusting pretty good. I made new office friends. I don’t feel pressure and anxiety either while going to office or while coming back to home. I am learning new ways of doing same things, new practices, and new office culture. I think one should change jobs may be after 5-7 years to learn about new things. Change gives a new perspective and new meaning to the same things. Change also lets us what we want and what we want more and why we want.

Next, I am trying to complete my resolutions. One of the resolutions is reading at least 12 books in a year.  And I am glad to say that I just started my third book. i read while I travel to work. It is a wonderful feeling to complete the resolutions. And not only that, travelling gives me a rare opportunity to know about people by observing them – their expressions, their style sense, their mood, their issues, their happiness, their attitude, their vacation plans, and lot many things. Just yesterday, I observed some country folks – beautiful women and their children. They spoke a language I did not understand but I felt their warmth when they smiled at me. I so much wanted to strike a conversation with them but then they were engrossed in their conversation and I reserved my eagerness for next time. OK I am not creepy and I am not an eavesdropper. I am just a normal human with heightened observation skills. 😛 I think I should maintain a journal for that too. It would be nice to read those observations some time later and live those memories again.

Next in line are weekends. My little weekends are going to get happening. They would have been by now, had my Saturdays were not full day working. But no worries, yesterday was the last Saturday that was full day working. Now all my Saturdays will be half day working. Every week, I will go to a new restaurant and/or try a new place such as museum, art gallery, and theater. Since my office is in central Delhi, I can commute to all these places easily and return home easily. My friend once told me, ‘if weekdays are not happening then make your weekends happening’. Now they will be. Many more posts will come soon on these happening and happy weekends. 🙂

Oh yeah. God has just shown me that time has come to do what I was desiring. 🙂 One of the thing in my bucket list was to learn playing a musical instrument. As fate would have it, my brother has brought home an acoustic guitar and it plays awesome. I just started playing it. But I am afraid also lest I damage it (the guitar is borrowed from someone else..:P) No worries. I will still play it. This is the most musical thing happening in my life.

How did I do? You did wonderful darling. 🙂 See that wasn’t hard to understand. But tell this to my mother and she will knock me out for not helping her with household chores. (There’s a cold war between us and thus I am not doing anything.)

I believe everybody should have something in their life. Life is too short and is passing quickly to just get engrossed in one thing. Do as many things as possible, enjoy the little things in life, and have many things to say when somebody asks you ‘So whats going on with you?’. Happy doing things. 🙂


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