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1 down..12 more to go..This time it was Bet Me..!!

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bet meYuppiee, I finished one book in this month. Just a pat on my back for at least starting and sticking to one of resolutions. :). The book I read was ‘Bet Me’ by Jennifer Cruise, suggested by my girl friend. She talked about this book with such love that I couldn’t resist buying the book and giving it a try for myself. Boy, was I thrilled. I couldn’t keep off my hands from the book. It was so engrossing and interesting that I completed reading the book over the weekend.

The book is light and fun, but filled with love and loads of it. It is about how we, girls, believe in fairy tales about our love, how we so much want that fairy tale to get converted into reality, and how we are afraid of getting hurt once we come face to face with fairy-tale-turned-into-reality. No, this book does not preach ‘escapism’ but rather tells us to ‘believe in love’.

In brevity, Min (female lead of the book) is 33, fiercely independent, chubby, and a food lover. On the other hand, Cal (male lead of the book) is 37, fiercely independent, Greek god, and breaks heart. At beginning, both of them don’t believe in love and fairy tales. And most importantly, they don’t believe that they are made of each other. But fate has some other plans – that they be together. For this they need to prove to themselves that they are in love and they are perfect for each other with their own flaws. They also need to prove to each other that they love each other and want to spend their life together. The story is about this. And how they make conscious efforts to avoid each other and yet end up facing each other. And how they unconsciously stand up for each other and give happiness to each other. Brilliantly written. Each chapter is woven together with such brilliance that I couldn’t keep the book aside. This is my first Jenifer Cruise and I am in love with this book. This is all about finding love, finding the one who make life worth living, and making every effort to hold on to that love, to that one.

And yes, in addition to love, there is something else. Often, people in Indian society, tease and comment on women who are in their 30s, chubby, and unmarried. First, its nobody’s business. I don’t know why people don’t understand this. But that’s for some other time. The thing is before you love someone else, love yourself. Love the body you are in. You may not know anyone that better as much as you know yourself. You know the small things that give you happiness and differentiate you. If you love food then admit it without fear and guilt. I love food and I am proud to say that food is my first love. Min is someone, whom every woman of her age would identify with. A great man once said ‘there’s nothing sexier than a woman with ambition’. Have ambition and love yourself gals. The one made for you will find you even more sexier than his most recent, supermodel, thin girlfriend. 😛

And here’s hoping we all find our own Cal. Cal is someone who loves everything about Min including her chubbyness and love for food, and loves her more. Please don’t think, Cal can only be found in book. Somewhere, in this world, you will meet your Cal at some point in your life. Just be happy and love yourself until then and let him come at his own time. 🙂

I am a Piscean, 30 years old, and still believe in ‘love’ and ‘the one’. Love knocks in everyone’s life at some point. May be mine has knocked. May be I have allowed it to enter my life. Now I am waiting to see the fairy tale turn into reality. With lots of hope. 🙂 But with tinge of reality in the hope. :).


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