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The year that will be..(may be)..!!!

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New-Year-Resolutions-1Yeah I am ending the 2014 with a smile on my face. Personally, I am in a happy state. But at the same time, 2015 is arriving. Time to make some resolutions. :). Last time due to my inherent laziness, I have only started and reached only mid way but could not reach my goal posts. One of them being clearing IELTS. So my first resolution is to stick to resolutions and find & stick to people who can help in sticking to the resolutions. šŸ˜› Even if not all, I resolve to at least finish half of my resolutions. Oh, then there’s my bucket list too. So I am clubbing them both. Starting from 2, here I go.

2. Finish one book, at all costs, in every month: Brunch and blogs I follow, are a good source of reading books and that from different genres. I will at all cost read one book and blog about it. This will definitely help me in keeping my thoughts from wandering into things which upset.

3. Give IELTS exam: I first thought of giving it in September 2014, then moved to December 2014, then to January 2015, and now to March 2015. Seriously, where is this going? But no. I resolve to give the exam in March 2015.

4. Stick to my fitness regime: It has been forecast that I will get married in June 2015.Ā I think I am in right frame of mind now to get married. I am emotionally stable to understand the emotional requirements and adjustments that are required to work the marriage. I understand now what is marriage – a relationship when two people in loveĀ come together to be witness of each other’sĀ life. I understand finances better – need for saving and judicious way to spend. I know how to spin magic in love – understand the little things about each other and give little surprises to each other. So to the loveliest person in my life, I am hereby resolving to be fit and healthy, and look beautiful with loads of love for him.

5. Complete my stories and Blog regularly: I have realized that I have a flair for writing and spinning stories. I will complete my stories and get them published. I know I keep procrastinate blogging. But now I will write at least one in a week.

6. Take voice acting classes: I promised last year but I will go this year. To improve my communication skills and fulfill one wish out bucket list to do voice acting.

7. Learn German language: It’s proven that learning a new language improves one’s learning skills and brain skills. But my idea of learning is to talk lovingĀ with the loveliest person even when we are surrounded with loads of people. Secret language šŸ™‚

8. Learn Salsa and Swimming: Both are part of my fitness regime. But the real reason is to beĀ able to spend time with loveliest person and weave magic in our sweet relationship. :).

9. Go to one play & one restaurant in a month: No, I am binding everything in my life with theĀ loveliest person. Plays and restaurants are with friends only. I need to spend time with them for unwinding and for keeping myself sane. Making a marriage or a relationship requires hard work just like your career. Friends are required to keep balance and take balanced view of everything.

The year 2015 is year of wood sheep. It has been predicted that the turmoil and storm that are wreaking the world will come to an end and prosperity will return. Hoping the same for me and for all of us, I resolve to fulfill the promises that I have made to myself. God bless us all. Happy New Year 2015.


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One thought on “The year that will be..(may be)..!!!

  1. some of these are on my list as well…. Hope I too can stick to them!!

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