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the-year-that-was-the-year-that-will-be-2-6382014 is about to end with only 3 days left. I thought it may be a good time to sit and see how much I have achieved and how much I have lost only because of my inherent laziness. But this post is dedicated to my achievements only, both professional and personal. 🙂

Things I achieved:

1. Good professional  year but 95%: All the mistakes that I did in 2012 which cost me dearly in 2013 were chucked out. Meeting targets and handling different projects. Learned few things too. Started mentoring too. Work records were up-to-date. But sore in thumb was not getting any offer when I looking for a change. I have been in my present firm for more than 6 years. So I was looking for a change outside. All technical interview get cleared by HR round, specifically on compensation part, everything falls flat. :(. Many people are getting new offers but a lesser compensation. I learned only thing out of this. Find harder for a company which is convinced of my abilities and is willing to pay deserved compensation.

2. A calm person overall: Though I still get extremely tensed over some things, overall the year had a positive effect on me. I still feel a surge of anxiety in certain situations. But I haven’t had the depression bouts i used to have in 2012-2013. I meet some people when I practice Buddhism, who give me guidance and support me. This has helped me a lot in keeping myself secure from the depression bouts.

3. Food and Theater Journey: I had begun my journey way back in 2014. Even though I haven’t been quite frequent in checking restaurants and watching plays, but I have enjoyed so far.  And one thing I realized that I love food. Food is my first love.

4. Gang of girl friends: Having a gang of girl friends is awesome. I have 3 girl fiends in office and we go out for lunch every month, at least. We even celebrated Diwali and Christmas together. It was fun. You can talk about everything without inhibition and bitch till you pour your heart out. I have another girl friend with whom I go out to check new restaurants and plays. I have another girl friend who taught me lot of things about maintaining my work records and other such admin work.

5. Meeting with friends once in a month: I realized how much it is needed to meet your friends. I go out with them for movies, lunch, and shopping once a month. Sometimes we don’t meet for 2-3 months. But whenever we meet we feel so much relaxed. It’s like aroma therapy that refreshes, revitalize, and energizes you.

6. Reading different genres: When you have a friend who shares a passion of books, you are invited to a whole new world. One of my girl friend also loves to read books, though she prefers romantic one. I, on the other hand, am more of action/suspense lover. But on her suggestion, I read her favorite books too. Similarly, I read other book as suggested on a blog I follow.

7. Writing my personal blog: Still haven’t reached the goal, but this year was better than last year.

8. Driving: I have always loved driving. But this time, I drove around Delhi and not just to my office. Driving is so much relaxing.

9. A very precious special person: Last but not the least, I the special person found me..and is now a precious one.

All in all, I had a smooth  and an enjoyable ride. May be it was because 2014 was year of Horse. For the first time, thank you 2014 for being so nice to me and bringing so much happiness.

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