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Recently, Indian Government has decriminalized attempt to suicide. I read an article today in Hindustan Times titled ‘If not now, then when: It is time to review our moral reservations against euthanasia‘. I totally support the writer and other proponents who support ‘right to die with dignity’. Euthanasia, as understood from my research, is about taking person’s life when the person is suffering from a terminal condition so that the person is relived from suffering the pain anymore.

Every human has a right to live. So, then why can’t the person has a right to die with dignity? Why should I suffer a painful and slow death? Death is itself painful. Every person in his last moments will feel the pain of going away from his loved ones, the pain of never seeing the smiles on their faces, and the pain of never able to hear them again. Add to this the physical pain the body goes through if one is suffering a terminal disease. Why this pain needs to be elevated more? Add to this the pain of each loved one who is seeing the person suffer each moment and yet is unable to do anything. Shouldn’t the person be given right to die? And that too with dignity?

Right to die has nothing to do with morality, financial status, or religion. All the three are needed to live a balanced life. But what would they do if I am incapable of living life itself? How would they help me to live a balanced life when I am suffering so much and am not in control of my own body?

I support both passive and active euthanasia. As per Wikipedia, passive euthanasia entails the withholding of common treatments, such as antibiotics, necessary for the continuance of life and active euthanasia entails the use of lethal substances or forces, such as administering a lethal injection to kill. If a person is in sane mind and in terrible pain due to terminal disease, then the person should be given right to die. Proper law should be laid down so as to prevent misuse.

P.S.: Sources of stories and other links on euthanasia.


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