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My love-hate relationship with winter…!!



Hey Delhi folks, the winters have finally set. We all love the different seasons that we can feel and be in. And Delhi winters have certain charm to them that we, Delhi folks, seem to be in love with. Yet, I have a love-hate relationship with winter. So here I am describing the love-hate relationship I share with winters.

Love thy winters…!!…My top reasons:

1. Food, food, food: I am a food lover and winters provide an ample opportunity to be with my first love all the more. In summers, eating rich and heavy food causes problems as the scorching heat wreaks havoc. But winters necessitate that your body has the right amount of ‘richness’ to keep you warm. So, I can have all the rich food as long as my heart is filled.. :).

2. Food, food, food: Winters necessitate that if you want to have food, the food must be hot. And the range is diverse from starters like kababs and chicken rolls, to deserts like moong dal hawla, badam halwa. So I can have all delicacies which can be consumed when hot to mesmerize in their taste.

3. Cooking: I have suddenly got the urge to cook, at least my favorite desserts. But I am lousy cook but my friend is a great cook. The heat in the kitchen coupled to the aromas and the presentation of dishes – heaven.

4. Wearing layers: Wearing layers was never so much fun as now nobody can say I am looking too healthy. Everybody looks healthy. Hehe.

5. Lazy weekends: I laze around in my bed, cuddled in blankets, read books, and write blogs. No I don’t worry about not spending weekends without friends and checking out new restaurants. I have all the time to be with my second passion.

6. Wheat production: I just got to know that with good winters, there is good production of wheat. Bless my ignorance. But a good production of wheat is good for economy.

7. Onset of spring: As the picture suggest, Let the winter come – it’s the only path to spring. The springs are welcomes with so much love because of the winters. Spring can come only if winters can pass.

8. No workout: Yuppieeee….Though nagging is always there but still I can manage bunking the workout session.

Things I hate about winter

1. The chilling cold: My hands get numb, I can’t walk, I can’t go out and have fun. I hate this numbness and coldness.

2. Need for constantly moisturizing the skin.

3. Cold, cold, cold, cold itself.

4. And all the reasons mentioned in P.S.

But over and above, I am not depressed this winter. I have found ways to be happy. May be there’s something in me that has changed. 🙂

Love you winters.

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P.S: The following links provide more information on reasons for hating true..!!

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2 thoughts on “My love-hate relationship with winter…!!

  1. A friend of mine is in Delhi right now and recently mentioned winters and moong dal halwa. This post just reminded me of that. Not a big fan of winters myself, warm rich food would be the only saving grace 🙂

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