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Amazing world of Ads..!!

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Off-late I am finding myself intrigued about the various ads airing on TV. Some I can relate with “problem-solution approach” we follow while preparing response to European Search Reports. For instance, the ad for Comfort Fabric Conditioner begins with a ‘problem’ that normal washing powders do not keep the fabrics new and ends with a ‘solution’ that Comfort Fabric Conditioner keeps the fabric new. (pardon my translation..I know I can do better..but for now let’s go with this).

This shows that how much my sense of humor is revolving around my work. What a life..
Anyways, the ads related to Idea Cellular and Dominos pizza always amaze me. Innovative and cuts across the stream to spread brands name. Domino’s ads relating to first job and celebrating with family and friends stroked just the right chord. Idea Cellular always had a health and environment related message such as saving paper and walking while talking (of course mindful of other hazardous scenarios). Now Domino’s recent ads celebrate the independence of women. In one ad, mom-in-law says daughter-in-law looks hot even when son is skeptical. In another one, wife sends subwich to annoying husband. Just amazing. On the beverage side, Pepsi and Coke have always stole the show. Always a pleasure to watch their ads. Cadbury ads are also so sweet and romantic as the chocolate itself.

Now a days ads are more about telling a story. In this category, ornaments ads always win the place. Recently, TBZ ads about wedding diamond collection has stolen my heart. The groom searches for his shoes but doesn’t find anywhere. As a custom, he pays his sister-in-laws for his shoes. Still he doesn’t get shoes. Then it is revealed that the bride has worn his shoes. Playfully bride refuses to give the shoes until payment is done. It was amazing and so lovely. The moments and the love between the groom and bride are as pure and stunning as the diamond collection. Earlier ads of Tanishq were also celebrated the moments, the people, the love between them. And the ornaments were a part of their celebrations. Similarly, Engage and Skinn perfumes ads celebrate the scintillating effects on our senses because of aroma of a person.  Some ads are made to be issued in public interest. Even these ads are creative and scream the message without being rude.

Tonight, I was watching some of the old ads in 90’s that I grew up watching. They were just so pleasant. I relived those memories. One can see how the world has evolved by watching these ads. The earlier ads of Bajaj and Luna two-wheelers were family oriented and their usefulness. Now the ads about two-wheelers, and particularly about bikes, are focused on performance, styles, and efficiency. The technology has evolved so much that it has become a part of daily lives. Similarly, the ad about Complan earlier was more focused on providing energy to children who are growing and becoming more active at a faster rate. Now the ads about health drinks are more focused on competition for which a child has to be prepared from early age.

Ads are made to appeal to the people so that they can buy the product. Some ads send a strong message. Some touch the heart. Whatever, the type of ads, they are still stories made for 30 seconds. It is a work of creativity and expression. Ads may not guarantee sales. But they do certainly bring to notice at the maximum the product and at the minimum the ad itself. Some times these ads a wonderful respite from the boring serials. Overall, I wonder hadn’t there been ads, the TV world would have been such a monotonous place.


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