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Is leaving the only way out ??

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I read an article titled ‘Interstellar: Magnificent film, insane fantasy’ by George Monbiot in The Guardian, republished in Hindustan Times on November 13, 2014. I haven’t seen the film so i am not commenting about the same. But I am writing about what Mr. Monbiot wrote about which intrigued me. In sum and substance Mr. Monbit wrote that films like Interstellar promote the idea of leaving the Earth and moving to other planet in search of life, but with few select species. He said that such genre is popular because of Technological optimism and Political defeatism. Well, in a way that is true when we see the horrors everyday. But why do we sometimes find that instead of fighting back, leaving is the only way out?

Today we are seeing so much of unrest everywhere. Radical fanatical fundamentalists are bringing hell down on Earth to prove some point. Some dictators want to prolong their dictatorship for life. These are not new things that are happening. But in past, there were people who stood up against them and fought for each one of us. Lincoln stood and fought for making America free from slavery. Gandhi stood by his non-violence principle to get freedom of India. Had they thought of leaving and abandoning their goal, we would have still be wriggling and withering in worst human conditions. History is replete with stories of great personalities who instead of leaving, fought back and brought a change. We marvel at the various feats that have been achieved in those days where technology was not as advanced as today.  If only we could see through the history, we may find problems to our solutions.

P.S.: The article by Mr. Monbiot can be read here


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