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Make the most in Traffic Jams..!!

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pix497 Traffic jams have become a part of our daily lives much like mobile phones and especially like smart phones. While going to any place, most of the times, one find themselves stuck in a traffic jam. Getting stuck in a jam is not good and not at all interesting. It is the most frustrating thing in life as you are not moving any where and are stuck in the same place for a long time. Much like most of the situations we face in our lives – stuck in uninteresting job, stuck in tiring relationship, stuck with annoying people, and so on. The only difference with all these situations, is that these situations are not visible to naked eye and we can escape by going out for a walk, doing something that interests us, meditating, or just being silent and sleeping. But we cannot escape from this traffic jam. It is pretty much in front of our eyes and we can see that we cannot do anything to come out of it. But are we sure about it? Come-on, this is life we are talking about. The only place which can work as we want. The only road which is paved as we pave it. The only vehicle which drives as we want to. Confused? Don’t really think so? Let’s see if I can change thought a bit.

I would, like everybody, become so angry and frustrated in traffic jams that I would forget, I could do nothing to come out of this situation. I would panic that I would get late to office or interview venue. Yesterday too, I was stuck in traffic jam both in morning (while going to office) and evening (while coming to office). It was horrible in evening as I took another route since there was lot of traffic in my regular route only to find traffic in this route too. And I had realization. 😛 Why I am getting so worked out and stressing myself in this situation? I definitely cannot reach where I want to on time, so why not just be gentle on myself, and give my tired body and mind a bit of peace. So, here are few things which I did to keep myself happy in this traffic jam.
1. Smile and wave at others: I don’t know why I always want to wave and smile at others who are driving next to me. In morning, I smiled at a woman who was looking helplessly around. I gave her a wide beaming smile. She smiled back but quickly turned the other way round. Probably amazed by a surprising gesture from a stranger. But I felt so happy within me. I made someone smile. Sometime back, I would just wave at all vehicles passing on the opposite side. Some would ignore, some would frown, some would smile, and few would wave back. And I again felt happy. May be at the end of the day, they would also smile and feel happy that someone waved and smiled at them. Just a feel good factor before going to bed after a long hard day.

2. Click selfies and other pictures: O.K. I have a new phone and I’m so fond of clicking my selfies. So what. Flaunt your new phone to yourself. Enough of flaunting to others. Make faces. Sit in different posters. Click and find yourself laughing. If possible, ask somebody else to take your pictures. Make a small conversation to make them click. At the most, they will frown, ignore, and reject. At the least, they will oblige. Whatever is the result, you will find yourself out of this traffic jam and be in a place where people happily do crazy things together. And yep, please maintain etiquette. May be at the end of the day, they would also smile when they remember this crazy thing. And yes, if you are having an urge to take photographs of others, please seek permission before hand.

3. Read a book: The book which you have bought but have not yet found the time to read after the first chapter. Why not read it now. I always have a book in my car but I never read it. Yesterday, I read it. And felt so happy that at least I moved forward. Interestingly, I found someone else also doing the same. I am not the only crazy person here. 😛

4. Get out and stretch your muscles: In the evening, I got struck near railway crossing. As with railway crossing, one has to wait. There is no way to move forward. And my legs were paining with the constant clutch-brake step work. I saw a lot of people moving. I too jumped out of the car, locked it, and started walking and slightly stretching my tired leg muscles. Believe me, it was a relief.

5. Go for shopping: O.K. This is strictly for places where you have shops on sides of the road. Near railway crossing, there is a fruit and vegetable market. People got down and brought things. Some bought just to kill time by eating fruits. Health in disguise. :). I don’t personally like fruits that much. I would have shopped if there were some accessory shops. 😛

6. Inform that you will be late: One thing I observed is that I panic in traffic jam because I said to some one I will be on time and yet I won’t be on time because I am stuck in traffic jam. Now I realized, getting panic attacks won’t teleport me where I want to reach. So why take stress? I just informed office and let myself loose. Even while going for an interview and while we have started 2 hours earlier still we are stuck, remind yourself it’s not your fault. Inform and let things go on their own. Just relax. You would anyway reach late and by getting panic attacks you won’t achieve much either.

All these little things make me happy. Hope they would do to you also. After all, if we are not happy, how can the day progress smoothly. Lets be good to ourselves first and love ourselves first, and then worry about others later. 🙂

P.S.: I drive myself. But even if anybody is in public transport or car pooling, you can also use some of these tips and make yourself happy.
P.P.S.: I also found below two links for more tips. Read them. Follow them. Enjoy them. And be happy.

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