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Why can’t I diet?

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Diet-letterThis post is dedicated to all my girl friends and all those girls who are unable to do diet or better still unable to control eating habits to get slim. Yet we are happy. 🙂

Darlings..!! We fret a lot about getting into shape. But we can’t leave our food and go on diet. What’s interesting is we cheat a lot. No matter what we promise at the end of the day, precisely while on bed, closing our eyes, and before drifting into our dream world, we never break the one promise that we made to our love, food. So why fret? Lets enjoy because we are not the ones to be blamed but our parents. Here are my reasons of not being able to work out to get that hour-glass figure. If you have some more, please share. 🙂

1. Our parents, especially our moms are to be blamed for all of this craving of food. Bachpan se hi kha beta kha..dimaag chalega..kehke khilati rahi..ab dimaag tau chal gaya par subhah uth ke chala ni jaata. Moms, Indian moms, are fond of feeding their children. It’s some kind of feeling that has been ingrained in them that only food can truly show the love they have for their children. Yeah the food is tasty but when you have grown up eating such tasty food, how can one expect to control and go on a diet at a later stage??

2. College and First Job. The best places one can be and the best time in one’s life. College canteens and all the yummy food. How can one resist? And first job. The thrill of being financially independent. The joy of paying from own pocket at restaurants ranging from Dunkin Doughnuts to TGIF, from resto-bars to lounge bars, from family restaurants to pubs. First job lets you taste everything. If you don’t eat at these places then how can you strike a conversation with a complete stranger at your office. The thrill of being labelled as foodie and restaurant guide is better than being employee of month. If we have such a life style, then how can one expect to control and go on a diet at a later stage??

3. Lovely lovely sleep time. How can somebody deny that morning 5 Am to 7 AM is the best time to sleep? The cool breeze, the just coming out sun, the peace at home and in mind, and more importantly the quietness of all family members. These, my darling, can only be found between 5 AM and 7 AM. How can one get up and go for  a work out at this time and leave the sleep?

4. Lack of boyfriend or having a boyfriend who isn’t concerned about your figure. Having no boyfriend means you are happy and you don’t have to worry about keeping him happy or boosting his ego or worse his attention drifting towards a pathaka. We are free to do our shopping, having fun with friends, and enjoying our food. And having a boyfriend who isn’t concerned about your figure, ladies, we are blessed. He is with you because he thinks you are awesome just the way you are. He loves to go out and enjoy food with you. For him, it’s not your figure that attracted him to you but your charming nature and your some special quality, which only he knows. Yes, I admit, even he would want that you be in good shape but not a model shape. But both of them do not push us towards dieting and worse still working out. Lack of boyfriend does not need any explanation for lack of push. Having such an awesome boyfriend also does not help because he is not going to push you for fear of you being angry and because he is happy with you at the moment. How can one get motivation to get into shape then?

5. The most important point is our love for food. We love food. I am deliberately not saying ‘eating’ because ‘eating’ is somewhat uncivilized. We are civilized girls. The proper girls who know their manners well enough. We just love food. We love to experiment and try new cuisines. For us food is way to connect with a culture the food belongs to. Food uplifts the spoiled mood. For instance, when I am feeling low at office, I love to have a walnut brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. And when I am loaded too much, I love to have a butter scotch ice cream. They are just yum. They uplift the mood in minutes and make us the happy persons we were before being loaded. When we go home and see the beautiful plate with delicious food, how can we just turn our face away from them? How can then we betray our first love?

Darlings..!! We are happy the way we are. Let’s enjoy our food and let the whole world cry about we not looking after our figure. Everyone has their own agenda to get into shape. But we don’t because we love our food. So darlings!! we cannot diet or work out because of the love of food.

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Inputs: From my gang of girl friends.


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