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Cacophony and Peace in Everyday Life…

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It’s the first time, that I have come home straight from Patent Hearing at Patent Office. As much as I thought I would have peace at home, I could not find even an ounce of it. I now feel that having returned to office would have been a better option. Even our guests were bewildered to see me home early. Perhaps, they came thinking I was not at home. May be they think I am Nazi. But in fact I am Napoleon. (Pun intended) This led me into thinking how much of cacophony is there in our everyday life. In fact, we start our day rushing to beat the rush hour. We are in a rush to reach office, to finish work and up-to expectation for expected appraisals, to reach home, and again to reach office. Yeah, most of us take vacations, go on tour with family and friends. Then what? come back and again get into the grind of ‘rushing to avoid the rush hour’. Such a vicious cycle.

I, for instance, have so many things to take care of. I will keep work or job out of the list as that itself is a cacophony. Fool are those who say ‘when you do a job you love, you are happy’. Tell me one thing, aren’t we trying hard to perform better, to earn recognition, and most importantly more money. Even if I leave out money, I still want to perform better each time and get recognized for it. The moment these needs come into picture, my friend, cacophony starts. After work, it’s the personal finances, household chores, family, and yes the big question of getting married. So many questions from so many different people in so many different ways. But the answer is same delivered in same manner. Always. Every time. Why can’t people understand this simple answer? This increases the cacophony to an extent where they say ‘we have come to a point of no return’. 😦

But, my friend, there is always hope that light will come after dark. No, it’s not the vacations which rejuvenate you. Of course they do in a different way altogether. But whats the point in taking a break, if the vicious cycle doesn’t break at all. I feel the solution would be to find peace in life everyday. Paint. Sing. Dance. Write. Talk to someone special. Yeah, I know lovers talk to each other but more of a duty than to find peace. Peace is something, when you close your eyes at night on your bed nothing comes to mind except that you are happy that the day has gone well despite all the hardships and distress. Peace is drifting into sleep with not just a smile on face but also in heart. Peace is satisfaction you have done something for your happiness even if that means you made someone else happy. Peace is a pat on your back by yourself for doing something that is not bound by performances and recognition. For example, I may paint everyday and with each new painting I try a new stroke. I am playing pool and I am moving to next level. I am improving not to show off to the world. I am improving as this makes me happy and brings me peace. If your someone special gives such a feeling, encourages you to improve not for anyone else but for yourself only, my friend you are at peace.

I find peace in my everyday life these days when I talk to my most treasured friend. The longing to hear the voice of my treasured friend is amazing. After I talk to my treasured friend, I am content with my day and look forward with a new hope to beat the rush hour. My treasured friend makes happy, encourages and pushes me for achieving my dreams. I am in so much awe of my treasured friend these days who has again rekindled my love for writing based on observance. My treasured friend you give me peace in all the above ways every night. God bless you!! My treasured friend, I believe that I also give you peace. Let me know, please. Hope everybody realizes this and are able to find peace everyday.


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