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I just don’t know what happened..

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Yeah..I broke all my promises to my self..i did not reached any of the goals I set for myself to be happy…I stopped doing things I love…and more importantly I stopped being happy…I started to do all things which lead me into depressions, take me to anxiety, and push me further into a black hole…

I am person who thinks..and sometime over thinks..about why things didn’t work put as per my plan and then start on next planning and implementing…but this time around I just don’t know what happened..what caused me to again relive the wasteful and horrible ways of my life…i am not able to put my finger on one things..there seems to be many things..but then I think I know or at least I pacify my self by thinking so..that I have tied everything including my happiness with only one thing which has been eluding me since a long time..i am not able to let go of it…why?? This may be human nature but this has become my routine..

With this abstract, I am trying to let go off the one dreaded thing…just like love which comes when you least expect it..I am letting go the one thing i need or want or desire the most.. i will once again see this day as a beginning of new year (technically new semester) and hope to achieve all my goals…amen


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