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Where are the gentleman and where is chivalry??

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I had planned for writing about my interest in reading daily and weekly horoscopes everyday in newspaper this time. But something happened today and I thought that horoscope can wait for next time. While I was doing my evening walk, I saw two teenage boys talking on phone. As i neared them, I realized the phone was on speaker mode. But as soon as they saw me, one of them immediately cued the one who was holding the phone and the one who was holding the phone immediately shut off the speakers. It was as if they both realized my presence immediately and took some steps to prevent me from feeling uncomfortable. I don’t know what were they talking or with whom they were talking to. I don’t know whether they just switched the speaker because they were talking dirty. But somehow their action made me feel that respected me. I am sure they would have done the same even if there was any other person. And I think this is a quality of gentleman that the boys displayed.

This incident made me realize about actions of some men whom I encounter during my travel to office and back. They vacate the seat in public transport for a lady. They do lane driving. They follow the traffic rules. They keep the doors open and let a lady pass through the door first. They really make me proud about the men. And they make me proud of those parents who inculcated these values in them. They are true gentlemen.

It’s really sad that very few of today’s men actually have the qualities of gentleman. But to me, chivalry is one of important qualities in men. A factor that differentiates boys from men and gentlemen from men. A man with lot of money and high education is nothing if he is not chivalrous.


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