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I have a habit of reading daily and weekly horoscopes first thing in newspaper every morning. Somehow I feel the day is not complete until I read my horoscope. People say the horoscopes are just funny and are not true. But I say, they are to some extent true and to a some extent kind of cute warnings. For example, I sometimes get a horoscope reading as not to mess with superiors at work and finish your work before superiors get a whiff of it. Even without trying to know whether it is true or not, I just make a mental note of it and try to finish off my work as soon as possible. And voila, I am a happy person at the end. I know people would say it would be just a bit of fluke. But I disagree sir. images

We human are ever so curious about knowing future. It has been written in our DNA. When something goes wrong we seek divine blessing. We something miraculous happens we thank divine intervention. similarly, when we try to know about future we tend to try to stop some mis-happening. Of course, the cynics would say nobody should mess with course of events. But I am not talking about that. i am talking about our daily life. Things that we do today shape our future. Decisions that we today changes our future. The daily and weekly horoscopes help us in at least doing something wrong or at least doing something good. Tips like try to be sweet to others and smile at others definitely make my day. Warnings like finish your work and control your anger help me from doing something wrong. expectations like a visit is on the cards and someone is visiting you keep my spirits up. They give me hope and joy all at the same time. I feel only if people could read these fine lines and implement them, life would become little bit easier with all those struggles we go through. A sweet smile and a small hope to others can make their life so much happier. Happy reading.. 🙂


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