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So I was promised by a friend for a rendezvous but last-minute cancellations by my friend just spoiled everything. I planned an elaborate three-day journey and now since my friend is not coming, I don’t know what to do. As i had planned so elaborately, I am now feeling so empty in my head. With nothing in my to-do list, I resorted to being lazy and watching the idiot box, catching up all shows. But then one of my friends anxiously messages me that parents are looking for marriage alliance. Though it got all sorted after my oration, i kept wondering what is that makes the word marriage so scary and anxious about.

Marriage.!! A very important thing in life?? Just another relationship?? Love or arranged?? Should one get married by certain age? I don’t think so. So when is the time to get married? I don’t know. How should one know who is the right one?? So many questions. In India, marriage is something of societal status. A lot of seriousness and responsibilities are attached to marriage. And this makes marriage a very expensive relationship with no way out. Even with lot of modernism creeping in the society, especially in urban areas, there still some age-old thoughts are attached to marriage. Most of my friends, who have arranged marriages, go with these thoughts only. Now most of the friends, who have love marriages, have different thoughts same as mine.

For me, marriage is definitely a relationship with a bit more of commitment and bit of more adjustment. Marriage should have with a person with whom one wants to spend the rest of their life. Wake up every morning to see a new day and go through the life struggles, happiness, sorrows, and success together. Come back to home after a day’s hard work to a person who with a smile will just whoosh away the tiredness. Of course, all said is easy than done. And then there are many struggles that come in one’s life.  But when you have made a decision to love the person and to be with the person all through your life, life is lot more livable and enjoyable.


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