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It’s been two weeks since I have not posted anything, knowing I was not keeping with my promise. But the past two weeks were tough. I met with an accident and my car was damaged. Nothing happened to me but this was my first big accident and I was in deep shock. Then there was work on weekends even though I despise working on weekends.

And because of this I didn’t know what to write. Till now I don’t have any topic to write. But then I saw an episode of Boston Legal where inimitable Danny Crane has a conversation with amazing Alan about living.

Denny Crane: Alan, you know, one thing you sometimes forget is, no matter how hard your day, no matter how tough your choices, how complex your ethical decisions, you always get to choose what you have for lunch.

Alan Shore: Daily, I am amazed at your inexhaustible ability to just live.

Denny Crane: It’s either that or die.

This actually got me thinking and I am surprised how true this is. Sometimes things happen to us that are spew out of our control, but still there is one things we can always choose and that is either to be sad or to be happy. Boston Legal is my favorite legal comedy drama. I like it more than the Practice. Precisely because Practice deals with the principles that we hold on and the moral dilemmas we face while doing justice to our profession and to our principles. On the other hand, Boston Legal is light. Danny Crane and Alan Shore are the reason for my happiness. They are there for each other and yet are individuals. It’s the kind of comfort between them that each one of us should have with at least one such friend.

I have been trying to imbibe the sophistication, the way of talking, the way of behaving, the way of living, and most importantly the way of being there for some one without any pretense and with individuality.

Love you Danny and Alan.

P.S. The dialogs have been taken from the following link.


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