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Yuppie…finished one book..!!

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Finally, I have finished one book that I wrote about in my last blog. Man, the book was a roller coaster. I am so happy that I finally achieved a part of my goal – finishing two books in one month. Though, I could not finish two books, but I am glad that i could finish one book at least. The goal of keeping everything two has worked its charm. 🙂 I read every day, after coming from office. Oh It was such a bliss as I would get a real good night’s sleep. No freaking thoughts about office and tension about finishing projects. I read book and I get lost in it so much that I forget everything. I sleep like a baby. I sleep like a man who had earned his well deserved sleep after a hard day’s work. Now I understand why some advise to read something before sleeping. I think I just added that one to my advantages of reading. 😛

The thrill and happiness in finishing my goal is so much that I am unable to write in words. This happiness has been with me through this month keeping me away from those dreadful thoughts. The goals have certainly brought me peace. These small goals have shown me that I can be happier even in gloomy times. All those people who are down with boring life because of tiring jobs please go ahead and make small achievable goals. You will feel the difference and happiness. Now I am thinking about what should be my goal for February in addition to reading another book. Can any one help me here?

But, as much as I am happy in finishing the book and my first goal of this month, I feel a gap too. Now what would I do when I come back home from office. I guess I have to wait until I lay my hands on my second book. Sigh !!



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