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1b As I set my goal of reading at least two books in this month of January, I acquired a book titled Fist of God by Frederick Forsyth (FF). He is a new author that I am trying so I did not want to read the new best seller. Accordingly, I bought one of his old books from a second hand books shop. I found that this is a best way to try any author apart from a recommendation from a friend. I am sure many people would have made the same choice. I realized this at the shop. People were sifting through the bundles of books and picking their books. I picked this book based on the summary present on the back cover. I always do this (spares a lot of time from reading a book that is not interesting.)

About the book, it is very interesting. I basically read fiction, thrillers so this book was up to the mark. Pacey and thrilling. I love the book though I may take the entire month to finish. About the structure, FF has used a different style (different because I didn’t see such pattern in other books by John Gresham or Jeffery Archer). FF introduced elements (characters and back ground stories) in between, whose importance lies, maybe, after the chapter is over. It was because of this unique style that I had to flip back the pages and reread the portions introducing the elements. Each and every element, wherever it is introduced in the book, is bound to have a reference in next chapter. When I first read those introductions and lengthy descriptions, I simple skipped them, assuming them to be just a mere description of abilities of the characters. But I was wrong. The next time these elements were referred to, I was completely at a loss. I had to go back and reread those portions again. This different style kept the book interesting. FF has done a great amount of research and the way each character unfolds is amazing. The characters are not layered. But the way how each character handles his job is definitely layered. This is my observation of this book. I have to read more to form a firm opinion on FF and his writing style. Until then, I wish to finish this book in this month only.

Now coming back to a habit of reading, I find reading makes people aware. Everyone should have a book to read every day. The book can be anything from a novel to a magazine, apart from a newspaper. It keeps the brain stimulating as I find I tend to imagine the plots, characters, from the novel I am reading. Apart from keeping oneself informed, reading can help anyone to break ice between people. It is a great starter for a conversation, unless the listener is person who doesn’t have any interest in reading. Reading can also inculcate some good behavior in a person apart from inducing positive thoughts, though bad behavior cannot be ruled out either. I mean by reading, sometimes people tend to inculcate the behavior of character or some actions into themselves. This can change a person’s view of life or provide him with a new strength to take on life’s challenges. For example, I am reader of thriller novel which includes themes such as spy, espionage, murder, legal issues. The characters in such novels posses among other things are eye for details and observance power. I find myself to be a good observer and yet do not have an eye for detail, though both of them may or may not be mutually exclusive. One of my friends was a student of English Literature. He has inculcated the contemporary and liberal thinking into himself.
Lastly, I think reading can keep your mind from wandering and causing stress. My father says whenever he is alone, all he thinks is how things are not going in right direction. I suggested reading would be one of a way to control the mind. I gave him the same book I am currently reading. When he started, he said it was difficult to read as the mind drifts apart. But nevertheless, on my persistence, he is carrying on. Now he says this is a good novel and he is happy reading the same. All because his mind is not wandering and is focused. Well, that’s my friend is the power of reading. Healing and caring, apart from usual benefits. 


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