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Letter .. An emotional connect

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woman-writing-a-letter-by-gerard-ter-borch-ii The week that just went by was the first week after I decided on small but achievable personal goals. The first one is to write two blogs per week. So here I go with my first blog of the week at weekend. 😛
Professionally, the week that went by was very hectic. Lot of work was there to finish. I managed to bring the urgency down by completing few. Few are left but I am sure I will be able to finish them next week. My health wasn’t that good. It seems I am going to remain ill for the entire winters. 
I finally received a letter from my friend that made me very happy. And this actually kept going through the entire week. The letter was handwritten with full of emotions and life. The words still ring in my head. I was able to imagine the beautiful scenery that my friend described. I was able feel the emotions that my friend put in words. That is the power of words in the letter.
I used to write letters way before the email were invented. I could not keep the count of pages while pouring heart’s content and asking about things going on in their life. The letters instantly connected with my friends even though they were miles away from me. They had the personal touch that is now missing in today’s emails. But thanks to my friend, I had again started to write, though I am wondering what to write. Even though the letters take time to reach the recipient, the wait is all the more pleasurable. Simply because once the letter arrives it instantly connects you with the sender. Add to that, the writing of the sender. I had a good handwriting when I was actually writing with a pen and paper. But now with all, this typing on laptops, my handwriting is as bad as it can be. The point is handwriting could convey the emotions as much as the words themselves. What was the person thinking at the time of writing the letter, was the person smiling or was the person sad, where was the person sitting, what was the person doing, all such emotions can be visualized. That’s the magic of letters.
History is full of mentions with letters being exchanged for all forms of communications, personal or official. I am not sure about facts but I would say that since mankind began to write, writing a letter would have been the best writing. Letters played the important role in bringing lovers together. Letters conveyed secret information. Had letters would not been there, I would say, most of the important historic events would not have taken place and the world as we see it today would have been different.
I think this is reason that has prevented the extinction of letters in the world of emails, whatsapp, and textings. I wish people could write more letters and connect with their loved beings more often. I am not saying that the new technology should be shunned. Use the new technology whenever required but do not completely forget letter. I occasionally call my friend but I have also started writing letters and this keeps the bond alive and fresh between us. And when I no more, my friend can still see me in my words, in my letters. I will always be with my friends even when I am a life apart. 
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