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New Year..New Hope..Hopefully New Beginnings..

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Happy New Year. The new year has finally arrived with new hope that this year is going to be better than last year. To keep the spirits up and keep the entire year happy and new, I have decided on keeping small, simple, and achievable goals. And to make double sure that I remain happy the entire year, I have shunned from making any professional goal. This year is more about personal happiness and spiritual enlightenment. So for now I have set first goal for the month of January as reading at least two books – one fiction and one spiritual, most likely on Buddhism.
I have also thought of writing at least two blog posts every week. The idea of two is simple – keep myself motivated. One is very small and either can be achieved easily or can be procrastinated easily. Therefore everything will be quantified as two. And what a coincidence that I read an article in newspaper today whose gist was to have big but achievable goals. Sometimes these coincidences tell me that I am on right path and God himself has shown me this path.
I am not sure about February and March, but in April I will definitely get myself enrolled into voice acting training school. This is one dream that I really want to fulfill. I pondered over why now I want to be a voice artist and I found that each great personality is not limited to his or her professional achievement. They are more to than that. I do not wish to dedicate my entire life for one thing and then think on my death-bed or in my old age that I could have done something else as well.
I was never a religious person. But now after going through so much struggle and turbulence, I have realized its with God that we achieve our peace and success. As soon as I embraced this thought, God himself showed me sign that everything is going to be fine. Guess what, that happened by end of last year. It was as if God planned all this for me to realize that I was seeking His Blessings to attain peace.
Hope that God gives me enough strength to achieve all goals. New Hope New BeginingThis new hope is my new beginning as a new person.


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