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I am a born Hindu. I am Buddhist Observer too. I got introduced to Buddhist practices by my friend. But the circumstances surrounding this introduction was nothing short of divine intervention. I was feeling very low and just by luck my friend asked me to join her. Without a second thought I agreed and went there. I was told in the end that I was seeking peace and have directed in that direction. I now only have to follow. Guess what now that I chant (both Buddhism and Hindu Phrases) regularly, I am experiencing peace of mind. 

When I chant, I feel focused and happy. All my work gets over quickly, easily, and correctly. Though, there are lot of things that bother me and there’s still a long way before I can actually say that I attained peace at all levels, I feel a path has been shown to me. I have so many things to achieve and to get hold off. I only dream about them and write about them. But before chanting, the dreams remained dreams only. After chanting, I see a road on how to realize those dreams. 

I fail to understand why people fight over religion. Religion is someones personal faith and practices that one wishes to follow. Religion should provide somebody with peace of mind not take one’s peace. 


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