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My bucket List – Refined and Revised

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Yeah, I have written on bucket list earlier. But, that was not really my bucket list as I was engrossed in lot of thoughts. After having a discussion on bucket list with my dear friend, Ishita, I have refined my bucket list to exactly know what I want to do in my life. So here we go:
1. To do a voice-over act:
I have always though that my voice is very good and many people have complimented me on the same. So I decided to give it a shot and have found that voice-over artist as a good option. I also gave an audition for Radio mirchi. Well..dint make it. But I am very happy that I did. I am now going to a voice coach and prepare a voice portfolio. So excited.

2. To be a photographer:
I am good at clicking some wow moments through my cellphone. However, I want to take it a notch higher. So I am going to a workshop and buy a DSLR. Next on my list and very close to getting fulfilled. So equally excited about this as well.

3. To go a scuba-diving:
For this I have to learn swimming.

4. To give one guitar performance in a live show at a restaurant popular for such shows:
For this I have to learn how to play a guitar first. 🙂

5. To go to Machu-pichu: I wanna see the majestic mountains which were lost and found again.

The items in this list is going to be increased as and when I am exactly sure what I am going to do.


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