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Why I like summers?

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imagesCA2D68CHIn India, and especially in my city Delhi, summers are associated with scorching heat, long hours of power cut, and water shortage. I am little fortunate that both at my place of residence and work, the power cut and water shortage are negligible. Despite that I like summers more than winters. Of course spring and autumn are everyone’s favorite because of the pleasant weather. But still there’s a special place for summers. So here are the reasons for loving summers:

1. Mood swings are lesser: Winters typically create a dull atmosphere and I feel low. Everything is cold. Everything is engulfed by the smog. Possibly because of low sun light and less heat. Summers bring a lot of sun light and heat to melt away the dullness and cheer me up. Consequently, less mood swings. Though I am afraid of the horrible heat that succeeds the pleasant heat.

2. Lots of fruits with ample of variety to choose from: The best part of summers is the availability of different fruits from local to exotic. Cherries, Litchis, Watermelon, Mangoes, and so many more. Lots of water content in these fruits to keep you hydrated. Health is maintained and diet is maintained because of these fruits.

3. Morning Walks: Summers don’t let you stay in bed. So why waste time. Summer mornings are very pleasant. Scent of fresh flowers, sound of birds, and less of noise makes a morning walk very pleasurable. Those thinking of hitting a gym for loosing the fat and yet could not find ways to go there, these morning walks are for rescue. The benefits of morning walk and jogging are well known. Start with morning walk and go till jogging – your gym routine is ready – cheap and effective.

4. Be a Fashionista: Now that layers are not to be worn, experimenting with colors, dresses, hairstyle and all other fashion things is so much fun.

5. Be a Traveler: With bright sunny day all along, explore the city’s happening places, cool markets, trendy restaurants, plays, music festivals, and everything the city has to offer.

6. Beach Time: Flaunt the sculpted body or just gaze at the vast ocean. Want some adventure, go for rafting or participate in any water games or water adventures. Watch the life below the water.

7. Ice, Ice, Baby: Relive childhood with ice-creams, kulfis, faluda, flavoured milk, now that there are so many varieties. Want to be have more fun, experiment with cocktails and mock-tails. Blend it and shake it and savour the cold flavour.

And there may be many other reasons for lots of other people. Go out and enjoy the summers because life is about living the moments and making a story.


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