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I saw an article titled ‘You DON’T have to do these things before 30’ by Shreya Sethuraman, in Hindustan Times Brunch Magazine dated June 22, 2013. Now that I will be turning 30 next year, I started to read the article with much enthusiasm. And I must say that the article was great. The article listed 10 things that certain things are best enjoyed after 30. Just like wine which tastes better with age. The older the wine the better. this article provoked me to have a bucket list with things I want to do before I die. So here’s my bucket list:
1. To be a photographer
2. To do adventure sports
3. To buy a duplex house with some dreamy interiors
4. To learn salsa though I am aware of basics
5. To go places and experience the place for its food, culture, shopping
6. To go on a long drive in an SUV (for that I have to buy an SUV)
7. To be able to use my voice as a Radio Jockey or as a voice over artist

I have only so few things to say. These are the things I wish I could do, I love to do, and I will happy doing them. But why do I have a bucket list? Why can’t I do whatever I feel like doing? Why I have to keep a separate time for doing all the things I want? Why am I waiting for time, money, company? I thought about it and I found out that I have responsibilities (family , professional) to take care of. These responsibilities don’t leave any time to pursue my interests, my dreams. I have to save money for future/ rainy day as I am aware of the importance of money (typical Indian mentality). Other reason being my professional life. 10 hours of ‘intellectual’ working and 3 hours of journey just depleted all energy left in me to pursue my dreams. All this just exhausts me. And that is why I have a bucket list. It’s sad to have a bucket list as they remind me of the things I love but I cannot do yet I hope to do because I don’t have time. Life as we know it.


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