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During my journey to office – 1

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If we just stop for a moment from doing anything, we will realize that life is passing by and the moments in the life are worth living. Each day that goes by creates memories. Every moment that elapses chronicles the journey that has been made till that moment. These memories, these chronicles is what we call as life. If closely noticed, our life is not about one person living on an island all by himself. Its called journey because so many people’s life get intertwined with us. We get to know so many people on this journey. Some we know for the rest of our life and some become just memories.
I take a public transport to my office. I see a lot of faces with lot of expressions written on it. Interestingly, the same people at different times have different expressions for the same journey. A young man going to office catching an early bus has a very relaxed state of mind. No worries. No hurriedness. This makes the young man to give a smile to everyone albeit in a subtle manner. The same young man going to office missing the early bus and taking a late bus has anxiety playing on his face. He doesn’t greet fellow travelers. He scorns on trivial things. In earlier case, he takes interest in everything that comes on his way to office. Everything amuses him. In later case, everything is just a hurdle for him. Life just passed and the moments in Life just lost because of this hurriedness.
We take the journeys that we undertake everyday for granted. We don’t realize that these journeys are actually a reflection of how we are leading our lives. The young man just showed me that he is pleasant when things are well and according to plan but is unable to hold his pleasant demeanor when faced with unpleasant things.


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