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Nautanki Saala!!…Headache and Time Waste!!

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It was sunday and we wanted to go to movie and have fun outside. The week being Navaratras our eating options were limited. So finally it was decided for a Nautanki Saala at CP. We went for ratings which were on an average of 3 out of 5. It was deceiving. The movie is worst at its best from Rohan Sippy. The first and last movie that was best from Rohan Sippy was Bluff Master. However, Nautanki Saala is just heartless attempt. Acting was overacting probably to make up for lack of story. 

Idea was pathetic that of a looser trying to end his life and over confident man trying to be angle. Even if somewhere the idea seems to be made into a “comedy of errors” movie, the movie needs a ‘fevicol’ screenplay which will hold acting and story. Ouch that was missing totally. There were bit of used and boring tid-bits of humor thrown here and there. But that was not enough to even like the movie. It was headache from first scene. Anticipation of a good thing just worsened the headache. In my friend’s golden words ‘kitna sambhalne ki koshish karta hoon utna dil pe khanjhar chal jata hai aur upar se namak bhi daal dete hain ghaav par”.

Watch it at your own risk of money, time, and health. Else better watch it on TV.



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