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Project Learning – IV

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I am nearing the end of CR implementations. Only 2 CRs are left for implementation and 1 is left for deployment. Hence, in this post I would try to sum up of the learning of the projects.

1. Requirements Gathering
Working on this project and surfing the net for more information on “Business Analyst”, I noted that even though a lot of time has been spent on meetings understanding the various business processes and designing requirements, a lot has been overlooked.
In my understanding of the Project and in my view as a Business Analyst, the business processes have not been either understood completely or documented correctly.
The firm being a Law Firm, input from the developer was limited. Point taken. However, the requirement gatherers should have spent more time on understanding the processess. Starting from the creation of case to recording important events in the case to billing and to closure of the case, there seems to have been missing few links.

2. Database Designing
Not in the purview of Business Analyst, nevertheless, working on various issues and designing reports, I came across the database. Working in tandem with Database Administrator, I understood that the lot of thinking has not been given while designing the database. Not much to say on this, the database seems to be a mess.

3. Report Designing
A lot of though has been put in designing reports and a lot more effort in testing those reports.
Still the reports have not been used much. Simple reports have been given a miss. These reports were then designed by our DBA. These simple reports serve two purposes. Firstly, these reports will help monitoring the implementation of the system. Secondly, these reports will be used by users to monitor and track their work without much hassle.

4. Work flow Designing and User Interface
A CR was implemented giving various options of workflow ranging from 2 steps to 8 steps. May be this could have been not thought earlier, but this choice provided in the earlier would have made users at the least to allocate the work and system could have been well received.
A system should be as simple as possible for use. This has been the main hindrance.

5. Document Retrieval
This aspect has not been given its due share. In a Law Firm, all that matters in the end are the documents. Proper means should have been designed at the beginning itself to address this aspect.

In all, for designing a workflow that also includes document management, the following should be designed at the beginning. These points are the experienced by the users and decide the fate of the system
1. Easy workflow
2. Simple Reports
3. Easy document retrieval.


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