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Project Learning III

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The second CR deployment was an important one for I had written the BRD. There were a lot of discussions with the developers before and after the deployment in UAT. It was the first CR that bore my name. All the testing went smooth. The deployment was done on Production.

The day came when I was supposed to give demo of the CR. I went with so much confidence that I could feel I am flying an inch above the ground. And as the natural end to such over confidence would have, the changes did not go well with attorneys, as usual. I was heart broken. I felt my self-esteem has plunged into Pacific Ocean. I wanted thrash all the attorneys. I wanted to say this is what you have outlined and I have spent my days in developing and what do I get in return. I was heart broken. (Amm…my heart breaks easily…I don’t remember how many times I have glued it!!).

After the demo, I came down to our working den. I iterated all the events to the one person who heads the public relations wings (in other words, this sir handles the attorneys on our behalf when the issues are operations related). He said not to worry and explained to me the situation I am in. I understood the clients never know completely what they want in the first run. Its only after the first draft is given to them, they will come to know what else they need. I was happy for I had made no mistake in understanding their requirements. Sir and I sat and discussed the possibilities and genuineness of all the suggestions and finalized the approach.

After this, we went on with CRs and asked the developers to work on these suggestions later.

So, what is the learning from this?

The learning is that not always I am wrong when someone says I need something more or I needed something else.


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