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October Autumn

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I don’t remember the day when our parent said we will be going hometown to perform the bi-annual puja. The day was the beginning of the euphoria that was caused by the sheer thought of living in our 2 bhk alone. Though the euphoria is shard by both me and my younger brother, I was more excited than my brother. So here I am noting the entire happenings.

Autumn is a very soothing month for the soul and for the mind. There is no hurry anywhere. The trees shedding their leaves, the blowing cool breeze bring peace in the mind. I, being a girl in the family and elder sister, was expected to cook and look after the household. But my office timings would not permit me to do everything. Hence, my younger brother resolved to cook for both of us and I resolved to look after the providences and perform other chores of the house.

I did not find any difficulty in my routine for the simple reason I did not have to cook food. Cooking takes a good two hours of time and is one of the most nerving and harassing thing to happen after returning home. I would leisurely eat the food much lovingly cooked by my brother and then go on to complete the rest of the chores. It is to be noted that my brother cooks lovingly because he loves cooking food and not because he loves me.

The mornings are a bit tiring than I am accustomed to. I had to get up bit early so that I am able to do the puja and make myself a little breakfast consisting of tea and grilled bread. Nevertheless, I am on time to catch my bus and be in office at exactly the same time I am accustomed to.

The day would be no different as other days would be. The only concern was what to have in the lunch time. Most of the time, I would buy two stuffed paranthas. But on two occasions, I shared the lunch brought by my colleagues. Indeed, I felt little guilty but it gave a good laugh to my aunt.

On one weekend, I took on the behemoth task of washing clothes. It took me good two hours. I wondered was this because we have a semi-automatic washing machine? I resolved to exchange it for fully automatic washing machine this Diwali. I did not realize at that time this resolution would soon die its natural death for my father will not be ready to buy a fully automatic washing machine.

The other day, I went to CP with my cousin. We roamed, did window shopping and watched a movie. I must confess that she has a good knowledge of shopping at 17 and I was still a moron at 26. She selected a nice sweater for me worth Rs. 2500 form Wills. It was good purchase for I was about a buy a shirt worth Rs 1500 that would have to be worn occasionally to retain the colors and style.

All in all I would say that I can live pretty well and could take care of myself if I am living alone. The fears of my father, for I was raised under a very heavy protectionist environment, were subdued after this autumn. The only concern being cooking food and I think that can be managed somehow. But then, no one in this world would be hungry if they have money.

The autumn was over and so was our stint. My parents were back. But when I look back to those days, I feel I could have made more use of the time only if my office timings were little less than 10 hours and I could be home at 6 than at 8 in evening.


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