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Dear HT Diary

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Dear Diary,

I travel by a specific bus 727 Exp low floor bus to reach my office daily. I board the bus at 7.50 AM and reach the office by 8:50 AM. I always listen to music on my cell phone and am, generally, oblivious to the surroundings. However, one day, I forgot my headphone at home. It was terrible thing for me since I am so used to music in the morning that all other things appear as noises. It was at that day I realized that there were two sets of Times Of India newspaper. They were kept by the driver and the conductor of the bus. I took the newspaper and started reading the Delhi Times section first. By the time I realized I have reached my stop, I noticed that I had read the main paper also. A few days later I noticed, many people reading the newspaper. They included those people also, who at first glance won’t appear as people reading an English Daily. The practice followed by the bus driver and conductor need full accolades. I realized not to judge people by what they appear. The newspaper helps to complete the long journey smoothly and without having the need to listen to music. I hope this practice is followed in all buses.


P.S: never published in ht city, written on 10 Oct


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