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Dear Diary,

It has been two weeks that I have been travelling in Metro as I was residing at my paternal uncle’s for some time. I always board the women’s only coach during my travel. In the beginning when Government announced the introduction of women’s only coach, I was very bewildered. To my knowledge, I hadn’t seen or heard any incidents of misbehavior with women or unnecessary brawling for seats in the Metro. There was no cry from any section of the society for women’s only coach. All these were quickly settles in my mind when I boarded the women’s only coach first time. Though I have travelled in Metro before, it was the first time I was feeling relaxed. There was no anxiety regarding who would brush past me in such a crowded coach. I also felt having some space to breathe as in the women’s only coach no body would try squeeze in between. It’s just the constant cacophony of girls that interferes the silence. Moreover, the pink displays are just so cute to stand over them. I appreciate the Government and Metro Department for taking such a farsighted decision. The only concern being the plight of passengers in other coaches. It’s time the Metro Department should increase the number of coaches as Metro is the cool and happening way of public transport.


P.S: never published in ht city, written on 1 nov


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