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I have a many banal dreams

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Ok, I admit I have been superbly lazy for not doing anything on my two to-do list things. Thinking and writing. I was supposed to be “thinking” about how to reach my goal and some damn interesting hobbies to write on my resume. And, I was also supposed to be “writing” about cover letters, blogs and stunning scenes. But then I did think about many things that constituted about my dreams. And so here I am writing about my dreams.

My first dream is to own a two story house with a patio and a garden surrounding it. Well, I do have some ideas coinciding with many floor plans already published on the web, but who cares. I believe that having any kind of entry into the house below the road surface will be hinder the progress. Part belief lies in the fact that I am currently in an office located in a basement and I haven’t been able to witness any progress in my career (though monetary gains have been very impressive). Hence, I will not have a basement in my house. However, I like the idea of having utility rooms such as a store room, laundry room and a garage on the ground floor. So I will divide the ground floor into two parts such that one part has the entrance to utilities room and other to living room. But for this I will be needing a large space and getting that much of space will be difficult in these times. From here I get stuck and also this is a dream that I can achieve either after 30 years of service or after marrying a wealthy and loving husband. So I move to my next dream.

My second dream is to own farms and/or make some profits from our own fields. This is requires a lot of money and 15 years of service. Patience to save and invest money makes this dream achievable.

My third dream is to have a Honda Activa for my father and Swift VDI diesel variant for my self. My father owns a Santro and I humbly state it as mine. My brother has a Bullet for himself, bought by my father. This is achievable, but my father is more inclined towards getting me married off. So this has to wait.

My fourth dream is to go and roam Delhi. It’s a shame that being in Delhi for 26 years, I hardly know anything about Delhi. I want go to those fancy named restaurants, go out with my friends every weekend for bowling games, for shopping and for watching movies. This is a continuous dream but it gets hindered by two things – supply of money and supply of friends when there is an urge to transform dreams into reality.

My fifth dream is to change the job and get into a business research firm. This is achievable but is hindered by something unknown.

P.S: Will elaborate on the above later.


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