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Why can’t women drive properly?

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With due regards to each and every group present on earth, I ask this question “why can’t women drive properly?” Yes, I am a girl and I admit it rather very shamefully that I can’t drive my car properly. First, lets a take broad look at the incident that prompted me to put down these thoughts on paper.

One fine afternoon, I was coming back to office after my post-lunch munching. The small yet profiting stall was situated on the left hand side of a T-point intersection. There were a bunch of college folks sitting on a Kinetic Honda across the stall on the opposite side of the T-point. And just next to them was a sparkling black Mahindra Xylo. This MUV is a real star. So I would rephrase and say that the bunch of college folks was sitting next to the star. Now, a lady was driving a Santro and she was about to take a u-turn at the intersection. At the same time, a gentleman was driving Wagon-R from the opposite side. He put on his brakes. Though, I wondered, even the lady could have put on the brakes and gentleman could have made the cut before the lady could turn her car. Anyways, the lady took the turn and as expected she put her brakes just before ramming into the Kinetic Honda and missing the Xylo. It was as if I knew this would happen. Psychic, some would say. She put her reverse brakes and then made the correct turn.
The million dollar question arises in everyone’s mind “why can’t women drive properly?”

Sympathetically, I think about the many times I have done exactly like this. All the yelling’s of my brother ring like a loud drum in my ear. And then, the analyst in me took the charge and said we must look into this problem and provide our analysis.

Let’s roll then. This is my personal experience.

1. Women are trained to be “multi-tasking” people and are expected to be so. So their mind is also focused on doing multiple things at one time. So being focused on thing at one time is not possible for women. Thus, driving properly focusing on driving alone is not possible.

2. Now, the next statement comes “driving is not single thing alone”. It’s multi tasking. Look for the irate drivers coming on both sides, look for the distance and put brakes at appropriate distance, slow down the speed and change the gear simultaneously. Yeah driving is not a single thing alone. One should only keep these things in mind. But women are trained into thinking multiple things related to multiple tasks, multiple emotions, and multiple multiples all at one time. So not thinking anything else other than what is intended, to drive, is next to impossible.

3. The next statement is bound to hit and is very sharp one. Men also think of many things while driving. No one can remain neutral and not think anything while driving. Well, I agree with the statement as it is natural. But men can switch gears and adjust to change very easily. It takes time for women to switch and to adjust. Thinking about a new jewelry set in the swanky showroom, visualizing it on the tender body and then suddenly thinking about appropriate distance for applying brakes is very very difficult.

4. Talking and driving is very difficult for women. When women talk, they look into the face of the person or stare into the feet. Now this is a difficult task to look straight and not into the face of the person sitting next to you while driving.

5. Women are very close to nature because they are very much like nature itself. Women admire nature no matter where they are. And it is an impossible thing to do while driving. One cannot drive and look into the nature by tilting the head at a right angle.

Though, I am certain there are many women who don’t feel and think like me. And definitely, they are very good drivers. But then some exceptions are always there and axioms are based on generalities.
Women can’t drive properly.

P.S.: After documenting this analysis, I was looking for a suitable image to suit the content. So, I googled “women can’t drive”. And, to my dismay, there are so many things I have missed. Almost every single man has his thesis on why women can’t drive properly. Alas, I become the first women to join the bandwagon. Now, I don’t feel guilty of generalizing personal experience.

P.P.S: I will write a blog on how better a woman can improve her driving after I experience the same by end of September. It’s a promise.


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