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It swayed like a bird

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Today, my mind was focused. I had my agenda well written. I was ready with all the solutions, workarounds for a session at the office. Well, the session was supposed to be continuous but, as my stars are in my favor, the session did not take place after the first day.

As I had the whole day with me, I decided to make the most of it. I first researched for business case studies aiming for the prospective interviews. Going through them, while I was just about to jot down the main points, my focused mind said, “I must prepare the test cases for the next CR”. At once, realizing the importance of the mission, I opened the relevant folders and started creating the test cases.

With a zest, I filled up the data fields and wrote two steps. Then, it flashed like lightening that the CR for which I am writing the test cases has a later priority. Instantly, I saved up all the data and again began the process of writing the test cases for the earlier priority CR. Again, with the same enthusiasm I opened the document and was about to write the test case, my well-focused mind said, “It’s been long time I haven’t written a blog post.”

Aah! I wondered. I started the blog to write about myself, my thoughts. In other words, an easy and fun way to improve the “ability to articulate the thoughts in a manner that is understandable by a PHOSITA”. With that realization, I started to think what should be my next blog about. It occurred to me, what would be better than to write about the fist rendezvous with my lifetime boyfriend, whom my parents are yet to find.

“But wait. I must first see how my blog looks”, advised my well-focused mind. I consented. The blog looked exactly like the mansion brought by the protagonist in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I took upon the task to make it beautiful. I browsed various themes available. Settled upon one. Updated profile. Added images and widgets. And finally, it looked the way I wanted at the moment. And then I decided to write my next blog on my well-focused mind.

The well-focused mind has swayed like a bird. Flying with some intentions yet perching on the trees that caught its fascination. It’s not that the tasks weren’t interesting enough to hold the fascination. It’s just that the well-focused mind is a slave of impulsiveness. All the three tasks were fascinating yet the task that saw its fulfillment was the one that had the compulsion to match the impulse.

With a hope to make all tasks to gain that compulsion, I sign off for now as I have to complete the official task before I say “good night guard bhaiyya”.


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